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Thank you! I'll surely watch it as soon as possible!

no i haven't. I prefer uploading on 

Oh oh oh thank you very much!,i'll look into it as soon as possible

thank you for the suggestions! The opacity thing is a very clever idea (maybe i'll add it in a next update)

I'll try to bugfix the cards(the project makes a lot of actions at the same time,so scratch (aka mr. SLOW AF) makes a mess with the code :(

thanks a lot! It is very helpful!

i made a big mess with the game's files (i wanted to upload 2 version of the same project. the first one for the game jam and the second one in order to update the game) and now i have only the almost finished one...

yes please!

I'll finish the whole thing as soon as possible (maybe fixing some weird glitches)

thank you!

I'll try it as soon as possible!

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todo list! I should

-make a win theme

-fix cards delay/timing/stuff

-make a background and resize everything

-add sounds 

-polish polishing

Any suggestion?

there is some pizza in my toppings!

i don't know :P

mmmmh,maybe you're focusing on the wrong thing...

use all the resource that you have on your pc! not just your screen!

frogs are green,

turtle are green too.



i'm fucking serius, hawaii pizza sucks.

apart from that...

gl hf to everyone

oh ok. You did an amazing job with that category

maybe everyone can vote and they can give you +3 votes... i asked myself the same question

I...Died...a lot of times....

harcore gaming mode: on :P

no problem,the game was very fun

(P.s. are you italian? You knew too much stuff about italian dishes :P

Omygaah ty very much! I'll watch it as soon as possible :D

ty i'll try it as soon as possible

3 times vacuum in a row...


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i  fell in love with that song!

unfurtunaly the game doesn't work on my browser

that's awesome :D

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Thanks for your feedback. I published the game as soon as possible because now i haven't much free time. My English grammar knowledge -1

Ty guys!

ok thanks :)

the game is very well-made,unfurtunally i can't do anything at the lava 

cauldron in the first level

very nice game!

the cake is a lie,cuz it is a slime!

p.s. press the  green flag to reset,resize and restuff everything!

thanks very much!

I hope you'll enjoy it!

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thanks a lot! I used an online sb2->swf converter (cuz,i mean, scratch uses flash),

Then i used a dowladable swf to exe converter!

I wrote a little post about what happened during the making of this game, be sure to check it out!

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let's face it: i can't program anything. i used a lot of engines,but no one of them really ispired me.

i wanted to test construct 2 features, make some new mechanics and,maybe, gets some feedback on my game...
would i never done that...
construct 2 is less complicated than unity or other engines, but also it is more limiting!

the game was going great when, suddently, construct went mad:
loop sounds,nosense deaths,disappearing layers. i was really desperate! With each modification, I created another problem!
i was in the middle of deleting everything,but thinking about my 47 hand made sprite changed my mind. For the first time in history,it was progam's fault!
i was going to publish the non-working game with some explanation about what just happened! at this point,i re-made the game from scratch on scratch (sorry sorry sorry...). It was so hard adapt my ideas whitin the limits of scratch 2, but at the end everything worked fine :D

What I Thought Went Well:
i just made an arcade game with unique mechanics,in less than 3 day in a very limited platform!

What I Thought Didn't Go So Well
the game polish is really bad,i couldn't make some procedural music for the menù ,the game was supposed to have increasing difficulty and declining time


maybe i'm not winning any magic fluffy swaggy bag, but I've got news for you,my little friends:despite everything i had a lot of fun pressing random button to shape the slime,and watching him dancing :)

Come on, I said i can't speak english. That's it.

If you have some issues,please contact me

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i love these monument valley vibes! maybe it is too slow


these sprites are very nice!

Probably i will use the sky background and other stuff:)

i'll try to play and vote your game as soon as possible :)