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...poor bird..

This was cool! Loved the twist!

This game was really cool! I love the creation system!

This game was really fun! I liked how we got new skills as we defeated more people. Definitely would like to know what was up with Laura

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The music is amazing, I love the memory scenes and how the screen gets darker the lower the health you have. Currently trying to get all the mementos, have 6/8

edit: Got the ending, it was bittersweet. Thank you for making this game.

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I'm confused since I got an ending where she said she didn't pass, but everyone I looked at called her she and referred to her as a girl, so that means she did pass. Is this an error???

The way these cards mesh into eachother is really cool!!

no clue how to play Tarot but this is fun!

This game and the different outcomes is really nice!

I was already awake when playing this and while I understand the premise was to relax, I just felt annoyed at the guy. DIdn't trust him at all, which is counterintuitive to the point of this game. It was fun though!

This game is really sweet and made me realize how many things there are that we take for granted in our lives. Thank you for making this. The art is gorgeous.

Oh this game is lovely!

The timers make me anxious and there were some cards where even though I had the requirements, I could not click them.

Oh I love this game. First time I played I got 3 of each was so fun! Same with my second run. Played a lot more times after that and I love the different dialogue depending on what cards were chosen!

God this game is too cute!!

Ah ok! Just got the other endings and my god they're cool!

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Holy cow this game is so cool!!! I love all of the hints in the intro, the books and internal dialogue, this is awesome!! I've only gotten 3 of the endings, the intro, the pandemic, and on the run, so I'm gonna check the walkthrough for the others. I wonder if not playing the video games makes a difference.

Oh I love this game so much! The dialogue is hilarious and the concept is super cool!

Max owed people a lot of money, yet no money was taken from his body. He was sedated instead of poisoned. He mentioned wanting to leave to America. He has a secret passage in his house which Eva went through. Max's body and trunk vanished from the scene. 

   I believe that Max faked his death. He used the somnus flower to make it appear as if he was dead, and once everyone left the dining room he made his way to get his things and leave through the secret passage.

Got Rebecca as the killer when I looked over my notes. I love the dialogue!

I'm clicking the catalogue but my resolve isn't going up

Getting fired is inevitable. We can't heal from what I've seen.

I'm confused at the weight with "Do not put heavy thing on it" I can't step on it to activate it, so what do I do?

nevermind, you have to hold e next to the body

The f key doesn't work for dragging the bodies. I can't do anything.