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I will need to remember to read episode 3 over a weekend, I had a couple days here where I was distracted at work worrying about everyone in this!!!!

still love every single one of these characters, and the relentless gentleness and kindness of this story. There is real skill in the way everyone’s perspectives and motivations are interwoven to construct a story with multiple building tensions, that can still provide real catharsis and resolution at the right times.

This is really sweet and my heart aches for every single one of the characters. I love your writing!! Already excited for the next episode, though I feel like my brain has plenty to chew with this one.

just a really chill game to relax and enjoy. the sort of collage-y art style is really neat and adds to how much this feels like a videogame journal looking back on the year.  fun puzzles, cool characters and world.  lovely game!!