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great game with interesting mechanics, really liked how the first few levels of the hub were sorta like a silent tutorial. 

the last puzzle  was a massive spike in difficulty though

two nitpicks: the level ending on picking up a key felt a bit strange -- in most other games they are used to unlock something in the current level so maybe the item that ends each room could be changed, or you need to the walk the key back to an exit door?

having to pick up the magnet at the start of each room is a little annoying, maybe spawn in holding a magnet if its a room where you want to give the player the magnet immediately?

femboy hooters

god im so gay for cove

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This game is a masterpeice. Truly eye-opening. It asks deep questions, and has shattered my perception of reality. One of the most thought-provoking games of all time. And the gameplay is varied and challenging, but never unfair. Don't be fooled by the racing genre tag. This is a work of art in every sense of the word. Don't let the steep price tag put you off. This worth every cent of the $420 asking price.

I'd really appreciate Linux binaries being added!