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super fun! the writing was really good and the art is great <3

pretentious twat is pretentious 

gah why is there no option to give them a lil smooch during the forever together ending TToTT

That was so cute! Really well made and every aspect of it was so good!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I'M SO EXCITED!!! So happy for you guys too!! The art and story so far from the demo were amazing I'm so stoked to play the full thing <3<3<3

This was good! can't wait for updates and I really appreciate the warning when there was an option that had some extreme stuff in it <3

There's really no words for how hard this game blew me away I really wasn't expecting much and the writing is just amazing! Really great work on this <3

aaaa so happy to see an update!! the game is already so awesome 

Loved it!! The different personalities were so interesting and the comedy was so cute and funny :D

It's just not to my taste - I'm sure other people like them! If it's too much trouble I doubt it'll bother many people 

Will you add customizations for the mc to the game?

yeah lol I'd love a progress update but hopefully they'll get a lot of response on the account and give one! 

could you make it so the gifs are able to be turned off? 

I love it so far!! Can't wait to see what's waiting off the ship <3<3

they have an active tiktok account where they talk about the game so I'm sure it's not abandoned 

This is such a good game I can't wait for the epilogue release and everything else you do with it!

This game had no business being as absolutely amazing as it was. I've never liked vore in my life and Yiestol's route was just so gorgeous and I adored it way too much; seriously, thanks to whoever wrote all that out. The writing itself is just consistently outstanding and the character designs blew me away. All the art pieces really just made the game that much better, they were beautiful.