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this is really sweet, thanks for sharing

hey, i really like this!

i chose so many guys now... our lord in heaven better watch out

this is great! i've never put very much time into an mmo but this still got me haha

this is so sweet, thank you for sharing! i love the idea of journalling in bitsy as well

wowww i love this! i think the world you're constructing is really cool and unique...

i'm curious though,  is there a way to get fire? should i keep looking?

this is really nice! i like the second story especially ✨

don't i know it!

omg this is so funny!!

i really like this, it feels so lived in somehow...

this is soo cozy! and i really did enjoy the visual effect...

lol this is exactly how fast i would go mad in a spooky maze irl

this is so cool sean!! i love how the rooms look, it contrasts really well with the first screen...

this was so mysterious! i was hooked the whole way through!

this is really cool!! it's fun to tinker with the machine!

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lolll i love this, it feels like such an onion game...

wowww this is great! i love how the gameplay kind of dictates the rhythm of the poem

this is really fun! they're so hard to find haha

haha i had some stuff i wanted to put in between but that jump was too funny to pass up

great stuff ayo

god this always happens

hahaaa this is so good ducky!

omg really, that's so cool! & thank you for the suggestion

haha yeah, i saw that too!

thanks a lot for sharing! i agree putting out a candle before each line is really effective

this is really sweet

i'm so glad you like it!! your prompts were very good

oh wow, this is actually spooky! cool stuff! (also love the duck ending haha)

this is sooo cute!!

oh i love this! the ending made me so happy

this is really cozy!

this is so fun!!! it really feels like an adventure & i love all the recurring characters

haha this is great, the twist really got me

hahaaaa i love this!! amazing worm sprite

this is actually exactly what happened in supernatural

hahaaa this is so cute!

this is so cozy...

haha this is such a neat idea! i'm really impressed with the pixel art too

wow this made me emotional...

hahaha jughead really got me