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I didn't want to keep spamming you with posts but I LOVE your game and I'm so glad you didn't abandon it!!! Also idk man but making money off something you worked hard on doesn't sound scummy to me. You gotta do what u gotta do to get by. Also IM SO HAPPY THE DLC IS IN THE WORKS but omg take your time!!!! I am throughoutly enjoying the game ♡♡♡♡  

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Thank you!!! Out of curiosity, do you have an idea how many words the game has? And if one purchases the game via itch io, do you plan on including a steam key once the game releases there? Also, do you have an estimate how long the common route or the lis route take to finish? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just too excited lololol Either way, thank you so much for your hard work! Keeping my fingers crossed that you reach far beyond your goal!!! 

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Im so excited for the steam release!!! I was just wondering, will the itch io version and the steam version be the same, content wise? And is the game rated all ages or does it contain nsfw? Also, will you include the guide with a steam purchase as well? Thank you so much for all your hard work!!!

thank you so much for replying! 

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Hi, if I purchase the game anywhere else but (like jastusa or steam), do I still get the Game guide, or is that an itchio exclusive? Also, are there any keyboard shortcuts, or does the game basically run through left and right mouse clicks? I'm asking because I want to run the game on steamdeck, and any "keyboard" shortcuts would be really appreciated. Thanks!

Thank you for replying! I'm eagerly looking forward to release anyway!

Hello! Do you intend to add Steamdeck support, or have you tested if it runs natively anyway?

Hi there, would it be possible to include a Steam key after purchasing the game on I know you released the game on steam, but sadly I cannot access the page due to country restrictions. I'd love to play the game on the Steamdeck tho, and it'd make it easier if there was a steam key involved when making an itchio purchase. Just a suggestion. Congrats on release!

Hello there!!! I'm very excited for the release, and I was wondering- will it be possible to buy the game here on and get both a steam key and access for the android gamefile? Because I am very unsure which platform I'd prefer. Thank you so much in advance!

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Thank you so much!!! I immediately bought the game. I might be a little out of line here, but do you intend to add steam deck support anytime soon? Anything regarding loading or save functions seems pretty much incomptabile (i.e. error codes, game crashes, impossible to play) but then again, I don't know much about how coding works and whether this is even fixable.. Thank you for releasing such a great game either way!! 

Hi! If I purchase the game here instead of steam, do I still need to download and install the adult patch manually? And if so, if I buy the game on steam, is it still possible to merge the patch with the steam version? I'm afraid I'm a little confused on how best this works :) 

Hello! I'm very interested in checking out the game, but sadly, my country doesn't offer your game on steam. I was therefore wondering if you'd apply the sale price on as well, given how it comes with the steam key? If not, I still want to thank you for reaching out!!!