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enjoy the game but i keep running into a bug that makes me quit the game. when ever i beat a random encounter that would give 2 artifacts and 2 spells. It lets me take as many artifacts as i want but will never close the artifact select screen so i can't progress.  but great concept fun game here a link to a google drive with all the things you need to run the game.

Ya I think it just dosn't work ill tryi to get a version to work in the morning, I think i may have to send assets or somthing i don''t know 

what error dose it give ?

you have to have unity i guess sorry 

think i built it wrong

So question dose it loop endlessly 

love the music 

Forgot their no way to quit or pause so just alt f4


Is the Theme go ahead make any game with a cat

Lamar ACM Game Jam community · Created a new topic Theme

The theme will be announced here at 8 PM

things got moved we are doing it at the maes building in the commons area 

Lamar ACM Game Jam community · Created a new topic Discord here a link to the ACM Discord be nice or you will be ban their will be a Chanel called game jam for those wanting to ask questions about the game jam or wanting to try to get a team together before the event. 

Lamar ACM Game Jam community · Created a new topic Location

The Maes building power will be shut down so we have moved the event to the lucus building room 117 and 118. Event still starts at 8 but feel free to come at 7 when are setting up. We will have drinks for sale and pizza at 9. 

Pixel Weekend Jam #1 community · Created a new topic Teams

Will teams be aloud during this jam?

Nice little game. The ending is worth the grind. ;)