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izzi :3

Ok, than can you make it when holydays starts?

Just make the custom music, but pink objects let moving how you make it for your song. :)

Hey Unity Ninja i have a 2 questions, why you dont make a main menu and fullscreen mode, please make that two things and your game will be 10x times better.

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btw dani i have a  question, when we can play off the sticks, cuz if i can play of the sticks right now it will make me go


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dani: i think i will add some updates

bluescreen: how about 


cool game tho :)

U bad


How much ram did you have, if you have low mac of course it will not work, but if you have minimal 2 gb ram it will work. Maybe try to redownload it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Oh ok I realized that yesterday but still thanks.


No problem :D

Ok thx!  •ω•

i think this game looks kinda......


btw sub to dani, stay home and drink a lot of  MILK

Student project? Why, this is a gaming page not SCHOOL page!

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Hey Unity Ninja please help, can you please give me instructions how do I open your game please? 😁👌

OK :-(

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Hey someone pls halp mu i need halp bc my PC says the Karlson2d is virus. Can someone pls say mu is it a virus or not. I need halp fust.



Yeah me too dude :(

And yeah i forgot to ask you to add some kind of a survival mode because the game is pretty short.

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Your music is awsome and i love it but i want to listen my music and yours, but if you  dont want to do it its ok and i agree with it. And can you please tell me what are the requirements for game because my friend want to play it but he is not sure do his pc have that requirements. And thats it thank you for that good game, its one of my favourite you know. (●◡●)

This game is so cool but why you dont add a custom song for better rhythm expirience? 🤔