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This game is so funny xD

Good short shooter game

The best roulette game. So good, thank you, developers!

The design game looks amazing. Thank you for this short game

Pretty good short horror game with jumpscares! I will keep an eye on this developer's new projects

This game is pretty good, I was really surprised

A really good short horror game, I will keep an eye on new games from this developer

A cool short horror game with an unexpected ending

Good game, thanks Niven, the previous game I played from this developer is Incoherence. It was also great, I wish you success with the development of new games!

Great short horror game! Thanks to the developers! We are waiting for new projects

I liked this old movie style. The game was great, thank you! Good luck in your new projects!

It was a cool game! Thank you! it was funny and scary! Will there be a third part?

it was cool and fun

, Good job!

A very cool game! I am waiting for new projects from the developer, preferably longer in time! Good luck

That was unusual, I flooded my bathroom lol

It was very cool! I'm waiting for the release of a full-fledged game. Great graphics and judging by the demo gameplay, I think it's going to be an interesting story!

This game was great! I enjoyed playing it! Thank you and good luck

Great demo version of the game, I think the full version will be great! Good luck with your development

The game is 4 years old, and I learned about it quite recently. It was amazing! I will be waiting for your new projects!

Cool short horror game with a Christmas atmosphere

Great game! Reminded me of the good old days, good luck with future projects!

A great game with a cozy atmosphere and pleasant music, but so short :( I'm waiting for new games from you, thank you

It was really scary! Great job, good luck with future projects!

Cool game with horror elements and beautiful graphics

Thank you very much! I appreciate it!

It was interesting. Sad story :( 

The game is well done! Good luck creating future games

It was great! Thanks for the demo! I can't wait for the full version of this game to come out!

It was cool! Good job! Good luck to the developers!

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There really are no snakes in this hotel xD. Great graphics, it was fun!

Thanks for a great horror movie! I wish you success in your future projects!

Good game. Creepy with the stalking... WOW. Thank you for playing, I look forward to new projects from you

An excellent short horror game with an interesting and relaxing window cleaning mechanic. In which everything changes after cleaning the window. Thanks to the developers, good luck!

Great short and scary game with a cool atmosphere! Thanks Vasco for the game, good luck in future projects

Thanks to the developers for this game

Game really scary and I like it! Thank you for this game