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thats cute :)

Yeah i am her friend after i play her game i just saying is Not cool say the game is garbage is just rude  but oh well

you really need chill out a bit

for people who say is unfair and bad game there is a video i made on this page witch can help you :)

thats cute

doing great doing some nice videos i am glad to hear you are doing good my friend ^^  is nice talk with you

hey there friend i just stop here to say hi hope you are doing great :3 

always good to see you happy friend ^^

hehe it was pretty fun to make some nice killing time to wait the time until a video i was uploading was ready lole  mr johnson is a very good looking man :)

sorry if this is random but i did this for fun while  i was waiting a video to upload :)

thats a really nice comment is nice to see more supportive folks :)

oh yeah i see lol 

i was thinking a endless mode would be a nice idea to see how much score you could get :) maye the evil teacher can get a lil more faster each time for make things interesting

i am happy to hear that :3 i love to make friends with nice and honest game devs you seem like a really nice person so you have my full support friend  :3  you can count on me hehe i will make sure to fellow the progress and see what people think in the future i will try to help you the most i can  have a nice day ^^

seems a lot of people saying this game is a baldi "rip off" well some games took inspiration from other game sometimes happend still  i see good potential on this game really support the dev on this :) she sure have some potential  for make more and big games on the future

i support you :) i  know you will do great friend

hehe  i enjoy it :3  you became my favorite dev here for this game :3  cant wait to see more of your future projects  i wish you the best luck a big hug from argentina my friend :3 

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i manage to beat this game :) i really enjoy it a lot  you are awesome  :3 thanks for this awesome game

anytime :3 

awesome :) good luck with that i support you with any update on the future will plan to make more fun videos of this game i really like it =)

any future updates for this game cause i really like it :)

oh thanks for that lol

i really love this game lol

fun game  i love burgers lol 

i record my gameplay it it was really fun

lol this was a fun game lol never expect frogs life where so excting  i record my gameplay it was defently a fun game :)

allright gotta try this :)

hehe very funny game

something you can fix here there is times where there is 3 bears taking a kit and eventually loosing lol 

i  love support good devs 

better than LA noire

i really love your games bro

could not help to make a video of it we must spread this gem 

fun adventure :)

really enjoy this magical adventure