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Hey Parcival,  Thanks for the kind words! Yes, you are correct on that typo, it was an oversite....err I mean oversight on my end. Thanks again for looking out and for playing! Cheers!

Thank you for the kind words! I'm sorry to hear about that puzzle bug, thank you for letting me know. Others notified me on that as well.  I'm glad you had a great time with the game. Cheers!

Thanks for the Feedback! You're the first person that I know of that beat the game. Again thanks for the kind words. Cheers!

I see, that's strange. Thanks for letting me know, meanwhile here's another link:

Thanks again!

Thank you for your interest in playing the game, you can click the download button above or try this link:

Hi jacksmack! Thanks so much for playing! In that room, one of the rocks( on the right side) you can push to the right as a secret to open the door.

Thank you so much for all these valuable informations!  I will definitely look in to the Enigma Virtual Box if I can't get the encryption to work. Why didn't I think about using show pictures for the HUD? It seems like the way to go for me as I want it to be quite simple. 

I was debating on giving extra lives but I kind of wanted it to be sort of a platformer style of gameplay but the one hit shield sounds like a good idea. Again thank you for all the kind words and I hope to stay in touch if I ever get another version out. Good luck to you as well!

Wow! Thank you for your kind words and an even bigger thank you for your advice, it helped me a lot. It was down to the last minutes before the contest was over so there were a lot of things I'm sure I didn't finesse. The textbox and font  was one of the things I unfortunately had to sacrifice before the deadline but they will get a custom graphic update and I'll try to figure out the text being only on 1/3 of the screen as well. 

For some strange reason when I encrypted the game, it didn't run correctly so I had to upload the game as is in a last minute decision. It's ok though because I plan to update the graphics anyways. The HUD is a great idea! I'll try to see if there is a resource for something like that but if you know of any please let me know!

This is probably just the first dungeon in a longer game that I plan on to hopefully finish. Again, thank you for your comments and I hope to get a finished game to you guys soon!