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All my art assets 50% OFF for Summer Sale!

Characters Pack

I have 2 characters pack with a total of 14 characters with multiple variations using the different textures included. All of them are compatible with ANY Humanoid animations on Unity. All .blend files are included so you can modify these characters and their textures.

Low Poly Fence

This pack contains 10 modular fences that you can combine and create multiple areas with it, it also includes a grass texture and a low poly tree as part of the demo. It's very lightweight and it comes in 3 different ways:

Complete: The whole fence

One-Sided: Only 1 side of the fence so you can connect one after another

Splitted: All parts separated

It also comes with the blend files so you can edit it as much as you want!

Low Poly Fish Pack

This pack is part of the Fish Flock tool but is being sold separately.

Check it out:

Character Pack - Casual Lowpoly

Character Pack - Boxers Lowpoly

Low Poly Fish Pack

Low Poly Modular Fences

Fantasy Pixel Art Mage

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New Character Pack released,  6 UNIQUE RIGGED models and 1 DYNAMIC model in which you can change facial features and more.

10 texture variations that you can combine with each model to create a different appearance.

Characters ready to use with any Unity humanoid animations.


  • Textures: 10 variations
  • Maximum polygon count: 2200
  • Number of meshes: 8
  • Rigging: YES
  • No animations
  • UV Mapping: YES
  • Includes .blend files

Get it here with LAUNCH DISCOUNT (40% off) ->

New Character Pack released,  7 RIGGED characters ready to use with any Unity humanoid animations.


  • Textures: 1
  • Maximum polygon count: 2200
  • Number of meshes: 9
  • Rigging: YES
  • No animations
  • UV Mapping: YES
  • Includes .blend files
  • Includes a sample scene with animations sample

Get it here :

Just released a small character pack for Unity including blend files!

Both models rigged and ready to use with any humanoid animation!

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A fresh release of the fish models I use on Fish Flock. Get it here!

If you already own Fish Flock, no need to buy this!

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Hey! I released this game recently for Christmas and it's a 3D Retro PSX-style Platformer where you Run and Jump on the head of the bombermans and help Santa Claus deliver presents that were stolen from it's homes and reach the Christmas Tree

It's a small game made as a side project on on holidays! I hope you enjoy!


Now that works. Thanks

I'm trying to upload a gif as a banner to my profile page but I can't seem to find a file size and image size that fits for it.

I ALWAYS get the error Your proposed upload is larger than the maximum object size specified in your Policy Document.

Even when I tried to upload a 4mb gif 400x80

What am I doing wrong?

Well, to be honest, nice game! I like shooters like this , good job!

Damn! I loved the game's atmosphere, its very cool! its been a while since i've saw a game with a theme like this (one that i enjoyed at least). Loved the mechanics of using the sword to move, cant lie i missed the space to jump sometimes haha

Thank you!!

Thank you all for the great comments when we submitted this entry! 

We developed the game into a mobile game and is available at Play Store now !

Thanks! We are making a full version of the game, you can check it out on the game page devlog!

Thank you very much!

Thanks! We are doing a mobile version with more features!

Thanks! Yeah it could have more levels, but also we are continuing the development and will release on Android!


Nice game!

Thanks! To be honest i'm nor sure it's just a simple 2D game i'm not even using post processing or anything, I will have to look at that because more people are having problems running even on Chrome.

Thanks! Well the comments are very nice so far so I'm very tempted to make more levels haha


Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you! You are right, the friction isnt perfect, we hope we can fix that and maybe do other things on this project, it was a cool idea.

I added a windows version now!

I added a windows version! Check it out!

I added a windows version! Check it out!

That's weird! Let me see If I can upload a standalone version!

Oh! I'm sorry, which browser do you use?

Good game! Well done art

Yeah thats a good idea! Thanks!

Of course! Thank you!


I see, well thank you for your response! Hope you can keep improving and i'm enjoying the tool very much so far!

Hi! So I was seeing couple of people on twitter doing some animations while using clayxels like this and this and I was going to try it myself, then I made a simple dude and animated its solid spheres through the animator and then I noticed when I duplicated it to test with like 3 the FPS dropped significantly

With three of them, the FPS goes from 377-400~ top 140-170~. Am I doing something wrong? Because i'm animating the solids and probably triggering the recalculation of them, but I wonder how the other people did it,

here is a gif of the animation

very nice! the mechanic is very fun, that part where while the head is in the air you jump with the body at the right time the head touches the ground and the floating tiles appears and the body can walk through it was very smart, this core mechanic can be explored in a lot of cool ways! congratulations!

Thank you very much

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Hey! I updated the game and unintentionally lost the jam version =/, do you still have it with you? can you send me through a google drive link? I want to keep them both on the game page