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Thank you very much

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Hey! I updated the game and unintentionally lost the jam version =/, do you still have it with you? can you send me through a google drive link? I want to keep them both on the game page

Hey thanks for your comment ! Yes since I was alone it was hard to make something visual that would create the urban graphics i wanted to make, i have tried other colors and textures through the game but I couldn't reach where I wanted to, then I just focused on finishing the two levels properly and the player mechanics

The music is very nice and the mechanics too, but I think that the speed of the tiles going down could be a little slower or the space between them could be bigger, cant move the dots fast enough to accomplish the tiles, but very fun game

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Well I decided to go solo and from scratch so this is what I have so far haha

I think it would be nice if we could upload and edit our games on the dashboard via itch app. Is it possible?