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I am using some of the Yanfly scripts to change my party size to 5. I have changed the column size in the Luna files for the MenuStatus to 5. I have changed my layout to list all of the in party characters left to right. However, I have an issue. The menu still acts as through I have two on screen rows. So, if I have 6+ characters in the party, the reserve characters will overlap the bottom of the main party's stats. I have tried to play with the y coordinates for the MenuStatus and I can move the reserve party members off screen, but when I attempt to select them with Equip or anything, there is no scroll to them, the selector goes off screen. I would either like to have the reserve party accessible through scroll (something like the command options if you exceed visible commands) or not have them present at all in the menu. 

I tried a selection I saw on another post for only making the battler party present, and this does not seem to fully work with Luna, the reserve members are there overlapping, but are not selectable. I can combine this with y-axis modifications, but end up with a large selector outline that goes off page.