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Plays perfect on Steam Deck :D

Also cool game with lots of ships to buy and fly.

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I bought a physical copy of this work via drivethru and I really love the layout. 

For the game, it keeps me entertaint for many hours. But what I really appreciate is the hackability of it. It is very easy to change the game, difficulty, excitement to your liking by small bendings of the ruleset. For example if you stumbled upon the seventh deserted bunker surrounded by 36 tiles of wasteland. Just change some tiles into faction bases and take on some quests. WHO'S GONNA STOP ME?! :D

Awesome game is what it is with some great depth and space for story telling with the faction system and that stuff. Also the combat system is my favourite system ever because it is so fast and simple. Hit, miss, boom, over and out.

This is hands down the best game and the most fun I ever had with a solo rpg/hex crawl. It is such a great game, beating Ironsworn and the likes affordlessly. It is pretty simple and easy to learn but there is so much depth with the faction reputation and the encounters and leveling up and and and... you could easily add journaling and further roleplay to your own playthrough if that is what you are looking for. Data Hunter somehow combines the feelings of the Wasteland and Stalker video games with a little bit of Mutant Year Zero TTRPG. And you can pay what you want, so what's not to love?? Thank you so much for this game!

Seriously one of the funniest games I have ever played. An amazingly simple yet creative hack. My wife and I played one hour straight and almost died laughing. Thank you so much for that!