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He’s so cute aww!!! I love your art work it’s adorable! I can see how much time and effort you put and all of them!!! <3 

Hey!  I was just wondering is there an ending I can get with the ice demon I have been trying but am  confused???

 lol btw LOVE THE GAME!<3! I can tell how hard you worked on it !

Sorry but how do u play this game? i cant understand anything because the wired fonts and symbols and I would really like to play it lol

I love the game it had the right amount of spicy and cute! and the Art was very good I would love if you could make more story's about him and the protaginist!<3!

thanks so much it really helped!<3

How do u download the app on the computer? lol sorry if i keep on bothering u am just so confused ahhh! 

hey! do u know how to open the downloaded file i have no clue how lol and plus I really want to play this game:)

um how do u open the game on the downloaded file I have been having some trouble lol;( plus I have no clue how to do it and i really want to play this game!

Hey do u know how to download a game on pc and open the file am having a hard time;(

 how do I play the game am kinda new to the whole gaming thing so I dont know can somebody help me out:)