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A member registered Jan 21, 2023

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The new update is very good, now we just have to wait for the second part

The latest update is already out, it's a little sad but very exciting not to have a new update for this game, such a good game.

Thank you for your words, Mr. Side B Your work is appreciated.

Come on, I had 100% of the game (of the current version) and I ended up formatting my pc and I didn't do a save in the cloud, so I have to suffer again with maximum difficulty

 again (I hate my life)


The new update is coming out this month, or will be next month. The truth is that I can't stand the excitement of a new update.

It would be nice to see a second part of the game.

but something different would be great

What I hate the most about this game is that when I delete the game a new update appears (it's not hate)

Any approximate date for the final version?

It's good to know that at some point there will be an official version in Spanish, I'm fine with that.

will the game ever have options for different languages?

I have no problems with English but I would like it to be in Spanish since it is my mother tongue

once it appeared the first night but now if it appears that it already attacked me

Can someone tell me how the hell I can get the last 5% I already have the stuffed animals from 4/20 and the night of 1987 which is the last thing I need

I like the game a lot and it is that although from time to time it gives me some lag or it stays static for a few seconds but what I like least about the whole game is that the girls get angry just for ignoring them for two days if they could do that 4 or 5 days would be good because I have to do a specific route in the hardest mode just to do 1% of a mission

Knowing that someone like you is working hard to get a new update out as soon as possible makes me look forward to the next update.

Can you send me the discord server link somewhere?

a good game that will be forgotten because its creator abandoned it

unless someone rescues the idea and creates a separate project

When will the new update be available?