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I love this game! Its really calming and shockingly enough cures my boredom lol. Im looking forward to future creation!

This is so cute and i loved it! Def gonna play again <3

In the fighting tut it doesnt go through all the fighting aspects.. i had trouble with the aiming.. can i have some help here lol

So simple yet so cute!

what the hell?

So cute

Pretty fun, love the music a lot

this is oddly entertaining. I made such a mess though haha

I've gone through 5 levels and the game is actually pretty nice with a simple tutorial! The only think  I actually suggest is a little more decoration, but if what it is right now i the vibe, i FW that. Haha its a really nice game, and I do recommend playing it. 

this was actually pretty entertaining haha i loved it

Sadly i quit after visiting two areas because I got a tad bored, other than that the art is really cute along with Bell and Olive! ^^

This was really interesting. (( !! SPOILERS !! )) When Iris turned out to be infected I was so shocked! I really hope i get to see the rest of the story someday!!!!

This is so cutteee!!!!


It looks so fun, but for some reason it wont let me download it

So short yet so beautiful

 though my laptop is sorta old and couldn't really take the graphics, this was so mesmerizing to walk through. Astonishing 

Wait this is so underrated?? The art is wonderful. I may be a tad confused but this is very well made!

This is really good! I tried to get to almost every ending lol. I love your games and your art style! Keep it up!

This is a really good game! Me and my friend just finished getting all of the endings! This was totally worth our time! ^^ <3

I actually really enjoyed this! I can tell a lot fo effort was put into this and it totally paid off! Just suggested this to my friends! I loved it! <