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Éloi Strée

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Did it ^^. Took me time but I did it ;)
You can find the new version for Quest.
(Tested a lot tonight but if you find a blocking bug, ping me)

Took me more time that I planned, because I wanted to change the room, clean some bug and add the hand tracking in the version to re-push.
The previous was as not a real theremin so I coded one more realistic for the hand  :)  

Damn sorry, that really no professional from me to make you wait so much.
The good news is that in the version I will send you tomorrow or tonight, you will have the ability to test a real theremin behavior.
 I pay you back a beer for the waiting if it is not done by tomorrow night.

I don't know why my repository was removed. Probably an accident.
You can find the code of the project here, if you will:

I can't rebuild it now. But I will rebuilding as soon as possible maximum the 22 June.
I am going to add in the same time the hands tracking to the project while I am on it.

Thank for the notification.

I check that tonight. Sorry for the inconvenient.

Hi, recently check Sidequest update. The owner kick ass !
I will start publishing future games an previous on it :)

My games are not enough finish to be shared on Side Quest (personal point of view). But if you wan, you can access them with this link on SideQuest (add repository):

6000... Hum, I can do that ^^.
But I won't ;)

Yeh no problem if you want to chat about the game.
Notify me on my Discord.
See you over there.

5103... But I saw that you did 5400... ^^ (How o_O ? Tell me Master!)

2412 :)   Come on ! Come at me bro !