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Sad to see this hasnt been updated in years. It's a fun little demo but with absolutely nothing happing in the game other than walking, You cant justify playing this over the  original.

I'm not even sure what this is supposed to be. But Ok.

Certainly a good base for something more. I would love it it where were some secrets scattered in.

Well that was...interesting.

Not quite sure what makes it a horror game but it was a fun little thing to play with! Got Rank B.


So. is claiming this game is currently being given away as a Full game for free, yet I cannot download it, and it says I have to pay at least $20 for this game. (here is the link to the page for proof)

Why is this listed if it's not being given for free? The site does not say the offer is expired, and he offer is recent as I had checked Gamerpower yesterday or the day before and the offer was not there.

False Advertising?