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Looks cool! Are you doing voxel mesh generation for the terrain, or is it just cube instances?

The Ludum Dare page's comments are broken for some reason

You could extract the color palette yourself from the art assets.

Very nice polished game!  Everything you post on is bound to be good. On my first run, I got to stage 5 in in 340 turns. Quick thing that could be improved, however, is not letting health go under zero when you die. When I died, I had -1/8 health.

Will there ever be a Linux version? If not, has anybody been able to run the software through WINE?

Pixel art tutorials. You're really good!

Wow, this is really nice! The cross hatching is fantastic.

Do you make tutorials by any chance?

RMB = deploy turret for short period of time

I really like it! The only thing I have to say is that the light from the dungeon entrances/exits is a bit too bright and sharp. Perhaps tone down the alpha and soften the edges of the shadow a bit? Besides that, I love this tileset! Great work.

No problem. Glad I could be of help!

Those look really nice! However, is it just me, or is the window in the preview image a bit distorted?

How is it bugging out? I've managed to get to level 29 without any bugs.

Yup, I'm using the same tactics ;) Slashchicken is the only useable character for later levels in my opinion. If Bonerat can't get his bone back, he's as good as dead.

Wow, you're good. I've been grinding every day for a week and my highest is 29.

level 30

I finally managed to beat my floor 16 run.

I died next to the entrance to floor 20.

What do you mean? There are only four characters that I'm aware of.

Look mate. Read the description

floor 16

I found one level that had the exit blocked btw.

floor 14 is my best

Keep me posted when and if either of those features are available!

Any plans to have an AI for the second player? I have no friends.


Thanks for your reply! Can't wait to try out the game with a CPU. Happy holidays to you too!

Wow, this game looks great! The controls are fantastic and feel responsive, art is nice, and sound effects work well with the game. However, I have no friends so... could you please release another version of the game with an CPU player? I would really appreciate it.

Okay, thanks for the clarification! Those are all good points.

However, Unity does run on GNU/Linux. In fact, I'm on a Linux machine right now that has Unity installed.

I'll start using Tiled next time I make a tile-heavy project :)

What advantages does this have over Unity's tilemap system?

I would suggest making the water a bit bigger in one of the preview pics, you can see the edges

I have the same issue as @Fethore and @B0bRoss. This game is solid OGA and LPC, and needs a lot more polish. Good start of a game though.


Highscore thread

Uhh... where is the downloadable version? There are no download links.

Oh, hi! Sorry, I forgot that was your other username. Did you see the skull update yet?



Post your highscores here.

The Music is nice, but it reminds me a little bit too much of that one PICO-8 demake of Celeste.

Love this game!