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Thank you!!

Perfect!! It works like a charm now! Thanks Yal!! 

I must ask for something else if you don't mind: can you upload some documentation  about how to import 3d models into the engine? I mean, if that is possible. If don't, a tutorial explaining how to create them from paths, how to apply some textures and set the proper collision mask.

Thanks again, Yal!! You've made a wonderful job here!!

It happens instantly only when pointing in the direction of the track. Take a close look at the demo, it also happens in there but is not easy to notice. If you enlarge the track you will see it well.

Your questions:

  • I'm using GMS2
  • No big changes. Only the way the "accel" variable is modified when pressing the up key to make it non linear (I'm trying to recreate an engine power curve). No changes were made to the d3d logics.
  • This effect happens when the car is stopped or under certain velocity, it just stops moving forward but keeps moving to both sides depending on direction. I've tried this with the source code unchanged with a larger track. 
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[SOLVED: read down below]

Awesome engine! It works quite well. The only problem I've found is that the car starts to move forward at a certain velocity, in my case it start to move at 7 units of the variable movespd... It depends on track length and step... The funny thing is it doesn't happen if the car is perpendicular to the track direction. I need your help, Yal!