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Thanks for the comment! Will look upon how to improve the navigation once the contest ends. Thanks for the feedback :D

Yeah! hahahah. The choice of making it a first-person game was for giving it a bit more immersion; yet, seeing the platforming requirements I agree that it would have been much better to go for third person. Thanks for trying it out nonetheless. :D

AH! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THIS DETAILED FEEDBACK! I’ll work on those specific details whenever the contest ends. Yeah, after seeing some people play it come down to the hardest part to find a path was the beginning: The spawn location did not help much hahahaha. Again, thanks a lot!

Good vibes inside the cafe and nice post processing effects. A bit more details in the outside would have been really cool :D

Good ambient and effects.  Pleasant images can almost any angle of the place!

I liked the architecture and basic idea of the place. Would be nice if you put more time into it after the contest :D

Nice scene with a good level of details. Would have loved to see it a bit more fleshed out :D

Could not play as I kept falling D:

Loved the atmosphere and way the story was presented; yet I believe that a bit more clarity should be put through in the storytelling itself. Pleasant images to be seen as you go through. Good job!

Amazing level design and neat little mechanic that feels coherent with your position in this world. The feeling of exploration of ancient ruins is really there. The sfx and vfx of the runestones being activated was much cool just as the rotating and emerging buildings. Loved it!

Utterly loved it! The lack of music and the subtle sound effects really help on creating a sense of loneliness and time moving its own way. The contrasts between the two civilizations is really nice and the elevator is just amazingly cool. I loved the experience.

Awesomely nice visuals! I could not really explore the gameplay as I continued to fall to unreachable lands and never found Titania. I don't know where she is, but it would be nice if one of the towers had her name so that you have to find your way there (knowing the objective but creating your own path. Apart from that is a really good execution of a really interesting Tohad's composition. I love it!

Fantastic place to explore! Some interconnectivity between zones, better terrain slopes (in order to consistently climb what is supposed to be climbable and some more landmarks to properly add a bit more care to the ‘‘empty areas’’.  Nonetheless, this is a superb experience with some nice ambience and biome diversity :D Recommended!

Yeah, hahaha.  the lack of time for the final polish is a bit (really, just a bit) noticeable but I did enjoy it a lot. Thanks for the experience :D

From the first moment you arrive you already feel a proper ambiance of home nostalgia that is really suitable for the moment. After it, all that comes with the addition of the hologram, the scenery, dialogue and the easily overseen but fundamental echo that the ghost produces as you talk with him makes it a truly wonderful experience. But ufff, I did not expect to have one of these puzzles in this contest to be honest hahaha (maybe I made it harder than it was :P) . I had to go pen and paper to do it; not to mention that the first time going through it I just closed the game out of soft frustration after 10 minutes of random playfulness. Reaaaally cool :D

Thanks for the reaally constructive comment! I'll work on tuning the problem with the voxels; and while one of my intentions was to make the player feel that they had to really explore to get up, I may have  needed to spare more on proper soft guidance. May I ask which parts did you feel that needed a bit more direction (I you remember, surely, if not there's no problem :D). Again, thanks a lot for the feedback!

Aw man, thank you! I am really sad that it seems most people have not been able to get to the top. May I ask you at which point did you get stuck? I would love that you could try the full experience as (at least for me) it gets cool as you go up.

Thanks for the comments!

Interesting distinctions and transitions between areas. Really feels like a wizardry-related hideaway :D

Nice gameplay, atmosphere and visuals. Really cool cover shot.

Masterful on the use of scales and heights as a show of the infant's state of mind. Narrative design without a word. A truly engaging and heartwarming experience!

LOVE THE CELLSHADING. Really nice nostalgic "Simpson-wavish" music and lightning. The idea of going back home and having your house as a wiener, always visible yet so far away is really enchanting. Really cool. :D

Love the park design and the "The Witness"- like lightning. Good job :)

Gorgeous vistas, cool effects, simple yet engaging mechanic and so favourable lightning. Adore the giant "pipeline thing" overhead. Would be nice to reduce the chirping of the birds as it can get a bit ache-inducing, decrease the size of the particles that follow you a bit, and upload a better screenshot as you have some fantastic vistas that can make your level stand out a lot more! 

Amazing vibe and narrative design. The final resting ground is a breather for all the aridness that has come before.  Reaaaally coool :D

Amazing entry! The time and dedication really shows in the scene composition :D

Pleasant images and atmosphere. Very cool concept and lightning to accompany it!

Playful and ingenious :D Yet may be a bit too dark.

Nice visuals :D

Hey @toribio59#8610! Your level looks really nice!! Only things I would add would be a barrier that protects the player from falling out of the terrain and a third person perspective as you cannot really see them properly in fp.

Impressive Visuals. Cool and unique gameplay. Nice title card and seamless yet varied transitions between biomes. One of the best overall entries!

Really nice set design and atmosphere! Unfortunately, it seems like the enemies are not working properly as they are not spawning.

Really Fun Game!!