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Hey, thank you for playing! Since I got a lot of response from community I might make game similar to this one!

Thank you!

Thanks for playing it!

Hi, in games description you have links "First Key" and "Second Key"

Here read this

Hey, sorry for that it's my fault. I forgot to change value from debugging! It's fixed now. Thanks for the notice!

Oh, that's a bug it should end the game then. There is more only if you camera is not used by any other software.

Fair enough, thank you for the review!

Thanks :)

Hey! Thanks for playing! There's another game based on Hello Will that I'm working on!

Thanks for reply. Could you try restarting game? It's bug that was already reported I'm looking into it.

Thanks for comment. I will modify the options little bit in future. Also thanks for reporting the bug with keys, I'll look into that.

Thank you! Hope you enjoyed! :)

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Hey Myerax! Thanks for playing it and making video on it! Shhh already working on sequel

Well if Sam did everything normal person would do, we wouldn't have story for the game :P

I will feature your video on the games page because you were first one to play it!

Thank you again!

Game gets your location through it's only visible to you don't worry

Just download the game again

Thanks! Loved the video

Check out the new updated version! Hope you enjoy

Thanks for the reply! I will make new update and probably more stories for the game!

Thanks, I saw some bugs there! Anyways thank you for playing the game!