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Wait, so someone who donated on Patreon got their OC into the game? I kinda imagined that from the sabretooth character on Shoichi's route! (I forgot their name sorry)

It's actually amazing from WOTB to do so

Also, keep pulling instead of asking for help

"I a- Wait a minute!"

I died at that part xD

I have a problem when trying to open this on mac. It says I am not authorized to open the application. Is it just me or is the file kinda broken?

Aww yeah boi


Me automatically:

I really like the VN as well, and I would be really sad if it stops being updated I hope WOTB is able to find the motivation to finish the game

Oh boy I really want a route with Haruki, I really hope it gets added at some point at least as a bonus or a secret route XD

For the good path, you need to always side with Sho, picking the options that involve him ignoring his father and encouraging him to visit his mother, also, you need to be honest with Saya when she asks about Yuu and Sho dating. There was a user who made a file on all the options and their branches, but I can't find it.

I really hope this helps ^^7

So far, it has NSFW scenes with Shoichi and Keisuke

I think that at some point, if not official or canon, there'll be at least a fan-made route with secondary characters... Or at least I hope there is eventually something like that XD

That moment kills me everytime XD

Agreed, Wotb please give Shoichi the Volleyball champion title :(

It's not only about sexuality tho.  (Long message incoming)

Myself, as a psychology student, I can tell It's very important for mental health to ignore people who often criticize based on nothing but biased opinions. As long as the other people's opinions are not harmful/extremist, you can be open to ideas and ask for respect if needed. However, when the opinions are extremist/ultra-conservative (which is what I believe Aki was referring to), you have to learn to let it slide, ignoring them is a great way of avoiding wasting time on people who live from nothing but everyone else's attention and energy. This is of course for the sake of your own mental health. So in essence, if someone has irrational, biased hate towards you, your persona, etc; you basically have to avoid wasting your energy on them, which is what I think Aki meant by saying "fu** themselves". (I also believe Aki said it this way because of his age, which It's 13 if I'm not mistaken, so he can't really express his ideas with the right words yet. Plus, at this age, everyone looked for basically any excuse to throw in random f-words). As I said, this doesn't only apply to sexuality, but race, nationality, mental condition, physical condition, and much more. However, I'm not gonna deny you that Aki's quote felt a little bit harsh, and I definitely can see how some people could misunderstand it.

I'm bisexual, but being born, growing, and living in Latin America, led me to a slightly more conservative path although I consider myself a centralist, so I have no bias on any side. This is just me explaining things in the most neutral way I can. ^^

[Spoiler alert]

Even if you do everything right, if you lie to Saya and tell her you are not dating Shoichi, the A route becomes unavailable, and you are only left with the neutral route. Tried it many times and it goes like that

If there is something I learned about this Tennis Ace and WOTB is that waiting is always worth it lul

S   A   V   E

Lunch time drama: Exists

Everybody else in the classroom: 

thanks :)

Quick question, more like a bug IDK. In the C route for Shoichi, you completely skip day 30 and go straight to day 31 after day 29. 

Is it just me who got a bug or does this happen to everyone? I've been super busy the last few months and only got to play yesterday and noticed this.

I'd gladly take a spare Jun if you don't mind :u

Don't want to be THAT type of comment but same for me, as someone who went through hard depression and had suic***l thoughts at one point, I would support Jun on everything I could, depression is a b-i-tch for sure.

Maybe checking every hour? :U

Agradecido con el de arriba *prays*

Think you daddy wotb for releasing the update (lol) and I hope you all are having a great day ^^

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Keisuke wouldn't even enter, he rich af. 46 Million won is nothing but pocket change for him lol

Edit: Typo, I said million instead of billion lol

It would actually explain why Shoichi constantly flushes and wags his tail in those situations, so you might be onto something lol

I come here daily too but yeah, there's not much to talk about :^

As a Keisuke simp, I can confirm I'm poor and shallow. Thanks :)

*screams on the inside*

That's true tho, there's nothing bad with WotB taking his time and all, but he should at least say something on the comment section every now and then not only to inform if the update is gonna be late but to get support and all of that too

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Probably around this weekend or so

Edit: Gotta give wotb some time for himself too

Edit 2: Welp, this didn't aged well lol

Yuuisuke best ship

Real IQ 1000 moment

Alrighty, thank you ^^

The next update it's a Shoichi route update right? Or a Jun route update?

That's right! Didn't remember that one part. Thanks.

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How is this even anti-LGBT? Me so confused. 

Maybe it's just me, but I don't get how any character here would be anti-LGBT. 

[Minor Spoiler Ahead]

Even Haruki, the one that keeps saying things like fag and gay it's probably a closet bisexual or something since he literally kisses the main character lol

The one guy that calls Shoichi "gay dog" when he's alone but changes to "blue dog" as soon as there is someone nearby

Huh never had that problem. Did you find a way to fix it?

Same, wacky system ;-;

OK ReLAx EVeRyBoDY tHE UpDatE IS hERe!!!1!1!!!11

NoOOoo I'M NoT fREakIng OuT YoOu'Re fREaking oUT!!1!111!