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OBSESSED!!! That’s so cute omg!

I am so glad you all enjoyed playing, and doubly glad to hear you’re having a blast GMing!!! I’ll definitely check out that podcast, I’m excited to hear what you have to say!! 

Absolutely, I just refilled the community copies so you should be able to get one! There's kind of already instructions in the back for solo play, although for young students you might need to give more specific instructions.

Hi, thanks for asking! I think it should be beginner friendly as long as you are comfortable with the idea of making stuff up with your friends!

There aren't a ton of rules and most of them are very open to interpretation, so it's beginner friendly in that there isn't a lot to learn, but also you don't have many rules to lean on. I have heard from other people that it was their first time GMing and they enjoyed it, though!

Hi, thanks so much for asking! Im okay with you posting pretty much whatever related to the game, as long as you link credit back here! 

Oh sweet, thank you for asking,! That's absolutely fine as long as you credit/link to this page somewhere!

The printable book is formatted to be folded like an eight page mini zine! I like this video but any instructions for an eight-in-one booklet or one page zine should get you the same results.

That's totally fine! As long as you're not like posting a link publicly for anybody to download from, or charging them money for it you're all good, thank you for asking though!

Yuuuup, and I wanted to play with that idea since most social media algorithms promote negative stuff because that's what gets the most engagement and keeps you on the platform

This is AMAZING, I’m so glad it worked out and y’all had fun! I am actually also a teacher n I had been thinking it might be cool to try with my kids in the future so it’s great to have evidence! 

Thanks so much for the review, I'm glad you had fun! With the stat situation it's a little vague, but I included the props as a way to get out of that specific scenario.

Alternatively, if your group is down for higher stakes you could count it as an instant failure, and that characters magic explodes with enough force for a TPK. Or you could just lock that character out of magic for the remainder of the game. Whatever fits the vibes at your table best!

Thank you so much!!! I'll have to yours out, magic users causing problems for themselves is always a good time!