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Very nice visual novel.

Great visuals, characters, character designs & background & music was very nice.

I don't have the words to describe how much I like it.

Also I just have to ask about the shop itself.


Like seriously it was getting more and more funny when I see there was a different sign we point to like I have no idea why but that was the most funny thing I saw. Like What the hell? 😂😂😂

10/10 game great work.

Nice cute little game here

Nothing but a nice wholesome little game

Had a fun time spending Christmas with Sayori

Awesome game and a good choice for a Halloween Special :)

My only problem was on my end was the fact that I recorded my very first playthrough of the game took a little over an hour. Then when I go to edit the video I realized I only recorded the audio and not the actual game and uhh yeah that kind of pissed me off >:(. Had to replay it again the next day cause I wanted to make a video on it. Again my bad on that.

Also in Part 2 if you choose to watch for whatever reason near the ending the audio gets laggy and I have no idea how to fix it sooo sorry if you ever watch it... which will probably be nobody XD

Other than that this game was lovely. 

Characters: Amazing

Background: Amazing

Voice Acting: Amazing

Story: One hell of a ride 

I can 100% recommend this game is 100% worth your time. :)

I love this game it was really good. I really wanted to see what ending I would get. 

Artwork beautiful, Soundtrack Beautiful.

It gives off the lovely horror movie & game background.

Would 100% recommended it to anyone who has not played.


Nice game. 

You Overthinking everything really had fun with it.


I must thank you for this I have been needing to know if I was a Robot or not.


Had fun here.

The Ost I thought was really good here

The Voice Acting was top notch

Love the creepy vibes 

Nothing negative I can really give it

Honestly from trying some of these Jam games I say this.


Best game I'd played from the Jam 


Had some fun here good job :)

I enjoyed the challenge of completing the mazes and it was difficult which I enjoyed. Very enjoyable game would recommend it if you have not played it.

Played this and made a video on it a year ago and never got back to it... 

So I finally got back to it and made another video on the demo nice to finally make a follow up in this game I'm still interested in :)

Loved the game liked the neon colors along with the art style like the different looks through the characters that gives a nice different tone while you play ending was nice and the name of the game was a very interesting choice.

Overall really enjoyed the game I recommend it. 

Good Job with the game :)

(1 edit)

I liked this game I'm like the guy who is the MC in the game I like silence as well recommend this to anyone who has not played it. :)

So this game was very good I picked this to be apart of a holiday special and I had a good time playing this game.

the backgrounds & character designs are very well done

the voice acting was very good

the story was good

100% recommend this game to anyone :)

Well I'm excited to try this when this comes out :)

This game is very good I'm very excited to see what more this game has to offer.

The demo was very good definitely recommend giving it a shot.

The voice acting was good the backgrounds & music were all good.

I'm very interested in what this game has for the future.

No complaints about what happened in the demo so far and I could feel some creepypasta vibes from the game where glitching, you can only play 1 section, audio problems although those things are pretty cliche it doesn't take or bring the game down in anyway.

Can't wait to see what this game has to offer next :)

It felt very creepy, and it was a blast to play the soft voice of the figure too was very well done.


Yes, this was a great game and it fit well for a special. 

As for the song it's called Layers or fear by DAGames I felt vibes from dawn of the damned and from layers of fear like I can vibe and remember stuff from the game. It's a good song 

Link LAYERS OF FEAR SONG - DAGames - YouTube

Where do I even start?

This was a ride to hell and back I absolutely love the fairytale of this story this game had great music great characters great art style definitely blows every other game I played out of the water there's really nothing I can say other than go play it I recommend it definitely was a perfect pick for a Halloween special. 

Also, I had no PC problems like I did with Graveyard Shift so that's already a win. I actually thought of a song while playing this game I could feel vibes and thinking of the game while I listen to it. 


Story: 10/10 Characters: 10/10 Art: 10/10 

10/10 Game go play it

Keep Up the Good Work :)

So, this game was great the music was great the art and designs the backgrounds were amazing the voice acting was great 100% gets me hyped for Halloween and cannot wait to see what some of your other games have to offer.

Now this is just if for any reason you watch the video I may or may not have had a few issues going on if you happen to hear random beeping throughout my video that's because my smoke alarm kept beeping so I got that fixed now but you can still hear beeping throughout the video. Also, at the 22:28 mark I say I'm experiencing technical difficulties that's because my PC crashed and got that stupid blue error screen that appears on windows, so I had to playthrough the whole beginning again to get back on where I was. I'm pretty sure that wasn't the game that did that but more of I had PC problems they should be fixed now so hopefully that doesn't happen in the future but my problems with my PC and smoke detector aside that did not stop me from enjoying this amazing game. 

10/10 game I recommend playing it.


Finished This Game. In my opinion not a bad game but the weakest one I've played so far. I liked the idea and I read the description of the page and I heard the voice acting wasn't great I thought it was pretty good I mean it's 100 times better than any acting I ever did. I still liked the game I still recommend people to try it out.

Fun Times...

Fun Times :)

I didn't know what I wanted to do with this clown so I did both :)

It's a shame cause I like clowns :(

Played More Of The Game and I Still had a blast playing

Nice Game I Had A Fun Time Being On A Gameshow 

Definitely recommend playing this game it's amazing!!!

I'm really enjoying this game so far I'm getting into it.


._. so uh the thumbnail might give it away what happens but I still enjoyed playing this game so please go give a go definitely worth the time

Normally I don't upload 2 videos a day but I'm having a blast I uploaded part 5 already :)

A Part 4 now out what else can I say but go play it :)

Hey I'm been having a blast playing this game hopefully can finish the next episode soon and yeah my fist video of this game did act up a bit but thankfully my other videos don't seem to have that same problem hopefully my next video of this game continues to go smoothly and definitely one of my favorite games of yours since I started playing your games Imposter and Yandere Heaven were great but this one takes it another level seriously I didn't think a game about a phone line would be fun. Keep up the great work :)

Uploaded a part 3 cannot wait to see what else is in store

having a lot of fun with this game uploaded a part 2 I'm enjoying this game a lot

I definitely recommend to anyone to play this game this was such an interesting idea and this was amazing. :)

Enjoyed this game I do suggest to anyone who has not played it to try it out very well done :)

My last episode of this game and this was an excellent game :)

Please go play it. This a fantastic game

Second video on youtube and I'm looking forward to playing what happens in this game next. I'm pumped I'm really liking this game. :)

Expect a another episode of this demo down the road from me but so far I'm interested in this game