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Sorry, late reply. I wish listed on Steam! Thanks (:

Amazing game play experience! Looking forward for full release

So this is just a demo and I really wanted to find out who this "her" was

Thanks for support man! I found this game so difficult, I could barely get through the first level. But the rogue genre is my go-to and I loved the weird theme in this game so I would probably get it on steam the full version (: Looking forward.

Hey, the game is cool! But I have one complaint. When I die, the game soft-locks always and I have to force start. Is this a common glitch? Happens to me all the time so far.

Amazing experience. Polaroid photo shoot concept really comes in unique and interesting. Its not just a horror but I was able to anticipate what I could take with a camera.

Found your easter egg. Well made game!

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The game was so polished! Thanks for the game

Loved the game but I made an avatar at the end and thats it!?

How did you get that ending!? Ive done the same actions but my ending was different