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i've been following you and your games for awhile now and i have to say this is one of my favorite pieces you've put out thus far. your art only gets better and better with each release, and i love the interface for this game a lot. the story is also, as expected, very moving and sweet. as someone who just started a relatively new lesbian relationship, it was nice to see those mirroring moments of falling in love and the star theme especially felt very near to my heart. i also like that the ending is the way it is; having those two distinct options felt very honest and on brand for you, but also a good move for people who have those same lingering thoughts. great work as always.

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i just finished this game and i felt so compelled by it i had to make an account to express how beautifully expressed this project is, from the flow of conversation to the interactive art scenes. i'm a non-asian poc but a lot of the themes (like gender nonconformity, dealing with restrictive parents and lying all the time, and hiding fears behind bad humor) just made me connect to each character when going through their storylines; everything felt so linear and real and by the end of it i felt like tearing up haha.

thank you so much for giving life to this project and sharing it with us; i swear as soon as i have 5$ to spare i'm buying the pdf because 1) the art is really really fantastic and 2) i really really love all these girls. i enjoyed it a lot and don't regret spending my afternoon playing it instead of studying!!!!