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Really cute game!

The art style is so cute and the game itself is relaxing :)

Has nice potential to develop a little more if the devs wants in the future... and for being made in one saturday, its really well done! 

Good job!, and can't wait to see more :D

I hope they implement it in the future, but for now I think I'm having a glitch/error. I uninstall it and reinstall, and it always looks like this while the screenshots of the oficial page  (and in the Discord) looks like a normal font. No matter if I leave the default theme or use another, the font always looks like hollow and it's really hard to read so I'm having trouble organizing and using it overall :(( Hope they keep polishing this cuz its really a good app! (I'm in Windows)

I love it so much! Since I got it in the bundle I can't stop using it, it has helped me a lot, I just have a lil problem, is there a way to change the font? I find it a little hard to read :( but overall is amazing, and can't wait to have a mobile version!

I love this type of games, I'm so excited to see it finished <3 keep the good work!

Running on WIN64.

I totally love this type of games and the controls feels intuitive and nice. You should try to implement a menu or at least a "reset" button, since I manage to use all my tiles (it gave me 35 tiles ) and then nothing happened, I tried to play around and finally ended up closing it to see if it will start over but then it just started crashing upon opening the game.

It has a lot of potential! I can't wait to see how much y'all improve it! Keep going on <3

Really neat!

I'm new here and didn't realized I didn't read the tags so you got me really spooked!!! Good job!