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Thank you so much!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

That's the way I always play it, definitely, but if you roll a lot of 4s, you can totally fudge it to make it more fun.

Thank you! I'm planning a big content release for Monday. It'll all be expansion material for the dungeon crawling, but I'm in the process of playtesting a sci-fi skirmish campaign mod for the game as well. Sci-fi is still probably a few weeks away. The built in solo campaign rules from the core document are pretty solid for running any genre, including sci-fi, but I'm having fun making these tailored, more specific campaigns.

Thank you. :)

I think there are a bunch of services out there that can do them, but I haven't looked into them in a while. Artscow is one, I think. I'm glad you like them!

Thank you for the feedback! It's intentionally written that way, which is why it costs an attack to perform the Nullification move, and why Nullification can be done only within the Nullifying unit's range. So, for example, a unit with only the Nullifying Modifier (2pts) would have to close to within 1 inch with a single enemy unit first and give up its attack in order to use its Nullifying Modifier. In larger point battles, you could have units with Ranged x3 + Nullifying + Acrobatic that could be devastating, but they would still only be able to affect one unit per turn, and only by giving up their attack. The enemy could just make that 6+ point unit a priority to destroy as a strategy. 

Nice! That's awesome!

I've been enjoying using them in my own playthrough as well. <3

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you for the shout out! It's a wonderful game system to work in. :)

Thank you!

Ooops! Good catch. Just added it. :)

There you go! But is it dangerous or delicious? Only one way to find out!

Thank you!

I would be honored! Thank you 

I really had a lot of fun playing through this game. The mechanics are well crafted and worked so smoothly. It was very enjoyable

I did a full write-up of my story of play over on my blog:

Oooh, this looks fun! I'm going to print this and add it to my list of games to play soon. I'll write up my experience too. :

Wow! This is very cool!

Thank you for the shout-out! I'm preparing for my next session, and this time, the hex map is going to be Pocket Tactics tiles I 3d printed. :)

Very creative!

Absolutely, haha! I'll definitely be running this system again. We'll see how the next hero fares! :D

I really like this idea, especially in an RPG setting where dominoes are drawn randomly and collected to assemble things later. I'll have to bounce this one around in my brain for a little while and see what comes up. Great work!

I had a lot of fun playing through a session of this game. I've got a full write-up of my first adventure over at my blog,

Exciting! Thank you for creating something so amazing.

My wife and I had a lot of fun playing this game! It's wonderfully illustrated, insightful and gave us some great, warm fuzzy moments. Thank you!

I've done a more in-depth writeup on it over on my blog:

I really enjoyed my first playthrough of Princess With A Cursed Sword! I've posted the story I wrote with it up on my blog ( to share with others. 

Thank you for making such a creative and interesting journaling game!

I'm really enjoying this one. I've done a write up of my first three days in the game over on my blog:

Thank you for making such a fun game!

Just finished writing up my first playthrough on my gaming blog. Absolutely love the mechanics and style of this game. Five stars, definitely!

Link to my playthrough here:

Sounds totally reasonable, and I'm in agreement with you both definitely. Once I finish the drafts I'm working on, I'll send copies for your review. Maybe we can work together!

I have to admit, I love the art you've used for these. Very nostalgic

I'm excited about the idea of making some of these as well. What's the best way to get them out to people once they are made? Put them up for free on a website or put them on with a similar "pay what you want" model and a link back to the original Dungeon Hero Zine set on here? Like "Compatible with Dungeon Hero Zine" and a link? <3

Oooh-- yes, the Magic Key is supposed to be a 1-use item. I'll put that in the FAQ/Errata in a future update. Thank you!

It's a pay-what-you-want game, so technically free., though donations are appreciated. The deluxe version, which comes with extra rules, goes for three dollars.

A shadowy corruption is spreading across this land. You, a stout-hearted Lumberjack (or Lumberjill) have decided to face the corruption head-on. Your only weapon? Your Trusty Axe.

Trusty Axe is a solo, one-page rogue-lite adventure where you wield an axe encrusted with magic gems against the undead hordes to cleanse a troubled land of corruption.

The standard, one-sheet edition is a pay-what-you-want game. 

The Deluxe Edition is three bucks and comes with 10 pages of different play modes and optional mods (including campaign play) that you can drop into your game for more fun and more replayability.


This (technically free, but donations are appreciated) solo, one page, roll-and-write game has everything you need (except a pen or pencil and a die to roll) to play the game. The rules, the play area, the optional game modes- everything is on one page.  

It is the height of World War II. The Nazis are pushing East, and you are one of the few soldiers with the equipment and the talent to stop them. You are the sniper they call “Lady Death.” You are Lyudmila Pavlichenko. Your goal is simple: search through the scope of your Mosin-Nagant rifle until you find the Nazi officer. Then, shoot him before he and his soldiers find and shoot you first! 

These rules also contain a campaign mode, so you can keep playing and keep building your score if you choose. Lyudmila Pavlichenko was credited with 309 confirmed kills. Can you beat her record?

Project page:

Hello fellow developers! I have a new game out! 

Are you ready to lead a brave band of Vikings to explore strange new lands (and sack them?) My newest one page, solo roll-and-write adventure is now up on as a "pay-what-you-want" game, with additional rules (including how to play the game with runes) in the deluxe version for only three bucks. It's fun, easy to learn and the deluxe edition includes rules for campaign play, co-op play and head-to-head competitive play.

Read more about it over at:

Hi all! I'm new to but I'm excited to be a part of the community! I've just released my first project, which is technically pay-what-you-want, but that means you can also download it for free, so I figured I'd use the tag.

Greening The Wasteland is a one-sheet, solo, roll and write post-apocalyptic gardening simulator with a rogue-lite twist where you get to explore the post-apocalyptic wilderness, scavenge supplies, plant vineyards and feed raiders until you can convince them to leave and raid somewhere else.

Project link:

Thank you!