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Let's GOOO! 

YES. YES. YES. I've been waiting so long, and now  it's here! Ramos is my favorite.

This was uploaded five HOURS ago? Looks like I'm early to the party! Can't wait to see where this goes.

That's brilliant! Keep up the good work, I know I'll be looking forward to it.

I feel you.

This game is hilarious! It's a nice break from the usual action packed, serious games I usually play.

Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but there is a Mulan reference in here. Something about moving as "swift as a coursing river, with all the strength of a great typhoon."

OMG, I completely forgot I added this into my collection! I can't wait to see the progress since!

True Story. I was listening to some music, which was rather sad with a choir like feel, as I was checking for updates. But as soon as I read this comment the beat dropped and shifted into sickeningly sweet and cringy.  >:}


This is absolutely addictive! After getting the trophy I had spent the past 30 min's saying goodbye to each of my chickens.

This is life, this is just brilliant - enough said. Y'know what? No, let me continue. I've been absolutely infatuated with the progress of this visual novel, with each new update I find myself far more eager and passionate over every choice that I make. I mean, I'll admit, I spent the last several days checking this page for any kind of reports, and my first reaction to seeing the Peacock was of absolute suspicion. To the point where even thinking about him just makes my blood boil with how I might enact my revenge if my suspicions turned out to be true. I can't even bring myself to be cruel to Asterion, not even with my usually twisted curiosity. You are more than welcome to take you're time, especially since this creation of your's has brought joy to the lives of many. However, I'm sure you don't need me to spell it out based on the overwhelming support I see in the comments. Although, it warrants repeating. 

Just E X T R A O R D I N A R Y .

Nice Job, maybe this will become more than just a test. . ?

Me too.

I've got to ask, do you watch steven universe?

' Cause there's a particular scene that reminds me of it.

It's the small moments that count. :D

Pretty cool, just be sure to revise the wording for the old man.

This was really wholesome, especially the ending! Leafthief you can definitely say you achieved you wish in more ways than one.

I've never really made a visual novel before so I don't know if my feedback is all that valid, but I do think there's potential here. Especially in your idea of creating a autobiographical video game, but be sure to be showing instead of telling the player information. I think that's why games containing so much story and lore are quite long. Every piece of info is delivered in a discreet way. Of course, sometimes this can be broken, although it should fit within the context and/or not be so long as to bore the player or disconnect them from that "invested in the game" mind setting.

-This is just my take on the game.

P.S. The part when you started talking to your past self was absolutely amazing.

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Bro, this is... is just cringy... and I only just started playing... This earns a spot in my "impressional games via uniqueness" list. 

This is hilarious. It's certainly put a weird spin on the usual visual novels I play.

(Kiss scene): (//0_0//)

This was lovely, keep up the good work!

It's just as described, "A little game that will leave you warm and fuzzy". This is just      I don't even know if there's words that can decipher the magnitude of this game     absolutely, ADORABLE! 

There's truth to this comment, the absolute cuteness and WHOLESOMENESS is through the roof!