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Elle TGC

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The game has a lot of collision issues. I got teleported into the railing of the stairs a few times, and into Miles' bedroom once. Everything felt very jittery. The game looked way better on the lowest graphics setting compared to the highest. I didn't know if I could even avoid the jumpscare until almost an hour of testing.

Dude these f@ckin shoppers need to stop patrolling the area just because I'm buying clothes for my "girfriend." Why isn't that your first assumption? @$$holes.

Can't even by an oil stained dress in peace these days, god.

19/10 Concept. The whole microphone use in horror games thing is executed better in Escape the Ayuwoki, but it's still a good game for a game jam

How are you supposed to make it through night 2? Parkour seems way too difficult and I broke the game floating off into the abyss.

Is it Einblick or 506? I can't tell

I feel like this game would be more fun if movement was more like Iron Snout. Moving around as a slice of bread doesn't really feel fluid. There's a lot of instances where the attack range is way too short, but it's still a very good concept.

When you get murdered and murder yourself at the same time

Capitalization 100


This game is great, dude. There are a few grammatical errors, but it's not too bad. I'm making a video of this game on my channel.

I really do not like the font. The lack of menu music is getting to me, and when someone wins it's just a softlock. I pressed every button on the keyboard, I couldn't get out. Good concept, just incomplete.

Came across this game in my random games series, it's interesting for what it is so far. I hope you didn't give up on this project, I know a lot of games die at the demo.