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Recent community posts . Googled: The Devine Speaker Walkthrough and found this (don't know if it's good or not)

I was thinking "Why is this in my feed (the DLC)? Why do I know the name?? I need to check something" and found out why. This is one of the few (I think only) dating sim games I have that you don't make love (sex scene/nude MC and/or NPCs). 

Turns out I have it in steam and after seeing how hot Derek looks and his rocking body at the beach (VERY nice btw 😁) I got all the DLC (on steam). Look forward to getting back into the game and playing more then a few minutes

Played the demo. 

Pros: You see a dick or a BJ. Personally found parts of it funny. The guys are HOT. The profs are also HOT. 

Con: Demo ends before getting it on with one of the profs 😋. 

Demo is great and I will keep an eye out for the full game. Also just watched the YouTube video (top right of the page) and adding it to my wish list

Better to hold back and have more demo then rush it out and have people pissed at you.

The good thing is it's a demo (not the full game) so a delay is no big deal BUT you also want people to try it. I feel it's better to wait

I know it's a year later but for people like me (who just found out about the game and wanted a guide) you can go to: . The guide is $3.99 USD (or about $5.69 AUD as of this post). Guide looks good (I payed for it) and will use it later.

Sweet. Now have somthing to look out for 

Question: If I preorder this on can I get a steam key? OR is this just for the version?

Don't want to get the DLC and then have to buy it on steam.

Sweet. Happy to update this time LOL.

BTW: Not unhappy to update other times but each time it's "start a new game" and I have to skip text (and redo events) over and over. It's like ground hog day some time but I'd rather have a bug free Bata then "the gray screen of crashing" error messages 

Ty. I'll have a look next time I play

Started to think it was another update in my inbox 😂.

Only question I have is: Will we have a list of guys we can date when the full game is out?

I totally forgot who was unlocked and who got left behind (I think Grizz was just short of romance). 

A quest log would be very nice 😊.

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I only knew (and had the note with the error) for 3 of them lol. BTW I should never forget She Jiu's but I bet I will lol. TY for the fast turn around on the list of bugs (3 I knew and the ones others found). Time to "update" (redownload) and get back into the game

Only a day or 2 (now) 😋. I also agree (love the games Y Press make)

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LMAO. I love how you say you have a problem and then fix it. I have to try the game (have it on steam) and now I need to see if I need the NSFW patch.

ADDED: Do need and now installed the patch. Happy I found this comment

Downloaded it. Need to "unlock it" (find the path that won't spoil the story) but I will find it in the end. Ty for the update

Ty both. FruityTrey for asking what I was going to ask, Y Press for answering why I couldn't find the DLC on steam lol 

Wow. I found the demo of and gave it a run (forgot all about it before) and wondered if the full game was out yet (also look up the Patreon and saw it's light on updates). 

I'm shocked that A: Another studio had to step in (well not 'had' but did) B: Shocked it's now being finished by Y Press Games (own a few of there games and kicked started 3 others). C: The game was on hold (and after looking at the Kickstarter page, one person was happy to never get the game but now pissed another team will finish it) should be out sometime by the middle of the year (with luck).

Going to keep an eye out for it and buy it some time after it's released.

Now that I have the steam ver I can see the numbers I need to hit (ty Achievements :-P . Also on steam I hit 2 stars (that's how I know about Achievements and the targets I need). 

Still loving the game and hope to get pass Paul soon (can't wait to see the last 2)

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Played the game and must say 2 things

1) Love how there is a trans person (don't know if it's right to say guy or girl so I go with person TBS)

2) The scoring is messed up lol. Got 67920 points Round 1 and get one star but get 58845 points Round 4 and get 3 stars. 

LOVE to try to get 3 stars in all the rounds (have 2 lots so far) but that will be a bit of work to get 😁. Also I do enjoy the game

Forgot I DLed this the other day lol. This post (that I read that day but got an email about a day later) reminded me to try the demo

I looked at this game WAY back when (can't remember when lol) and was like "one hot guy so I'll try it" and forgot about it. 

Then get an email saying there is news about and and my interest is reignited. I look forward to the release

Watched the trailer. Going to buy later but nice to see a mix of game play (puzzle swap, puzzle, story and interactive). Look forward to seeing any other elements not in the video  

Look forward to this. Will be a nice to have after I finish Mr. Versatile :-).

Have played some of the full game. Some parts I find hard but I'm working things out. The biggest thrill I had was seeing my name in the Thank you part (made my day). Look forward to the end (and to use the guide so I don't need to remember passwords)

I'd say you have to, you know, PLAY THE GAME? No short cut (that I know of) to unlock stuff you can (and should) earn

Holy wow. The game will have a voice, Congratz. I'm counting down the days 😊

Mr. Versatile. It's a kickstater one I backed and played some of the bata.

If things go right this will be one of 2 gay games to be out in August (that I can play). Looking forward to being shocked when the date rolls around and then playing the game

I clicked "Boyfriend's Rescue - Gay Platform Game [JOIN CLOSED TEST!]" and was reading it and started to think I knew all this. found out I clicked the wrong part lol. 

I'm super excited to play this (played the demos you released so far) and love the look and game play. I slowly got used to the cloak and very slowly got used to the bondage outfit so we will see how the rest go 😜.

Also picked it up (payed for it) while it's on sale and picked up (but have yet to play) 'Yes Brother'. I will find time for both before the year is over. Keep up the fantastic work

I'd like to think they will go away but the internet......... Sorry you had to make a new link but the sad thing is they keep trying (trolls have to troll). 

Love the picture and enjoyed the new demo BTW

I can say yes to and email not working well together. Twice now had say an email is not spam today alone.

Played 5 rounds. It's 3 storys that you can pick 3 things from and get a kind of different path. I'm sorry I played this

Unlike Mister Versatile (happy it's getting made with extra) THIS I'm going to have to wait and save for. I enjoyed the Demo but will take the money now, KS (Kickstarter) will take it after it's funded. 

Kind of want to get in before it's KSed to say I was on the ground floor but if I don't in time I know I can still help (buy going to KS)

Not just you

Good to know. It's a small detail that I can live with (or without) so I'm just happy that you can make the game.

Played the demo and just back the game (+ walkthrough 😜). I have some pros and some cons so far. 

Pros: Game play. That you can pick A or B but the guy can say no. The art. The 2 Outfits and the look of the others

Cons: Could not find a menu to exit and/or turn down the music (was a touch loud for me). 

Side note: If you can I'd love to pick if he is uncut or cut. Personally I like uncut but that's just me. If it's there or not I'm happy with the game 

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NVM what I said before. I think the patch fixed it so the "old" Achievements (one I earned before steam) will be added as I play now. I just need to start a new game to get  'Finish Chapter 2 to 4'. 

I sent an email. Nothing (not even the msg "You may request now, but we won't be sending them until the day itself"). I just got an email saying it out on steam (wishlisted it). Clicked to download in the page and saw the steam key button, Logged into steam, Get the msg "There are no keys available at this time, try again later". I mostly want it on steam so A) I don't have to download 1.79GB each update and B) Achievements. 

I'll try over the next few days and hope I get a key (and yes I picked it up the day it was out on