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they said on their tumblr page that they're working on re-coding stuff and that it's gonna take some time until the demo is up again if u wanna keep up with stuff. i'm also waiting for it and checking the page every week or so :))

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Goddamn that cliffhanger :)) I just finished the demo and I had to come back here and write this. I enjoyed it a lot! The art  is really nice and the characters are all really likeable . I  can't wait to learn more about them after the full game is released. I'm very interested in Aito and Sin particularly but every other character interests me in some way or another. My favorite one for the moment is definetely Remi :)) She is sooo adorable. I was also very pleasently surprised to find out that Sheryl is not the typical MC for this type of game, mainly because I didn't read the characters bio before playing it so her personality was a surprise to me, one I very much enjoyed.

What else? I really don't know :)) Usually I would also try to give some sort of criticism I really can't find anything to be nitpicky about. Since it's not all finished I can't exactly comment on that. Also, I would love it if there was a also a route for Rishou, or idiot-sister-maniac as Sheryl nicely put it :)) He is hilarious and I found myself really really liking him, but that may be just because I am a sucker for tsunderes and he seems like one :)) 

That's all from me. Again, I really enjoyed the demo and I can't wait for the full release! 

I found it and it works now. Thanks a bunch!

So I just finished playing the demo and I have to say I am very impressed. The characters seem so real and the writing is amazing. It really managed to make me hold my breath and panic along with the main character, which is something that doesn't really happen for me.

Can't wait for the full game release! Any idea when it's gonna be completed?

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So I already made the dress and it passed, but when I'm trying to continue the story it tells me I'm not wearing the dress, even tho I am.

I thought I messed somthing up with the colours and it just passed me without the right colors, so I tried buying a lot more yellows and browns and making combinations and it still doesn't work.

Any idea how to fix this?