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Wow, //TODO: today is just so amazing with how it shows some of the struggles of being an artist. I loved how small aspects of the characters that somehow seem so familiar with myself at least. I had dropped art for a few years and when I started to draw again it was hard to start. I seemed to loose my motivation just when I wanted to start on a project, and having to take an art course while going through this was a huge struggle for me. ( this is still a problem to this day) So to see another character go through similar struggles of myself just kind of felt reassuring? The main art colors are very pleasing to look at, I didn't even seem to get tired of the lighter colors which is new for me, the character and background art look very pleasing to the eye so I applaud you for that. All in All this was a very lovely game to play! :D.  

I also loved the fact that you could choose your pronouns, and sexuality that was such a cool bit to include.