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Sorry for the late reply, but one or two costumes might be a little lewd, but there isn't too much lewd scenes or content....much to Aika's disappointment. If she had her way, this game would just be a lesbian harem dating sim with plenty of H scenes ;)

I use pochi's Kisekae2 for the characters. It's quite convenient for the drawing challenged (as lazy artists who refuse to improve their artistic skills to use their own drawings for the game they're making).

Thanks for the feedback.

Sorry for replying now. I haven't logged into the email account tied to this site for some time (it seems I've changed the password and forgotten about it and I've also forgotten the answers to the security questions to recover/change my password to my email....) so I was unaware of any notifications until I checked in here.

It seems that the battles are little intense. The difficulty is largely my fault because I am to try to not enforce the "only way to advance is to grind for hours" mentality, but it seems that I've forgotten that the players won't readily know the exact maximum range of "sight" of the enemies have, so the battles are unintentionally harder. I can try to implement an option to make battles easier, but it may take some time and I'm afraid that I might have to prioritize getting the current chapter done and uploaded (my laziness has gotten the better of me).

As to how easily establish this, I think I may have a NPC who can change the difficulty (or maybe try to look into a script that adds an "Options" choice to the in game menu). I should also include an option to make battles even more difficult (for the players want a greater challenge).

My apologies. I know literally 0 about macs and made some blind assumptions. I will fix it at once.

I made this game on a laptop with windows so that there should be no problem playing it on a windows computer. Have you downloaded the RMVX ACE RTP?

Thank you for your feedback. I will take into account what you said. I'm currently in the process of writing (and test playing through chapter 2). About the honorific issues, I was originally using Japanese honorifics with Shizuka to represent her cultural upbringing, but I changed to English honorifics on account of the next two characters that will be introduced (in the next chapter), are Chinese and sadly my knowledge of Chinese honorifics are horribly lacking.