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this game has broken my brain. i. what. undertale 2 isn’t a trainwreck it’s the entire rail yard turned upside down and shaken by the hands of god. undertale 2 what you would get if you replaced sleep with several 2 liters of pepsi. undertale 2 is a homer simpson pez dispenser.

will i ever be able to play normal video games again or will i be forever doomed to an eternity of seeking out more esoteric avant garde madness

reminds me of “super benbo quest turbo deluxe” good job

ok i got the pin agents eliminated

there are federal agents outside my house and i need the pin NOW

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oil floats in water, so find something covered in oil

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as far as i know, the Loss comic strip only has one ending. i dont think they put out a new ending since then

Yep! Updates are in the works. They may not come as quickly as prior updates but the game will get a guaranteed two more bonus zones and any fun encounters that may happen to come with them.

There are definitely unnecessary blank lines at many points in the game due to sub-par formatting: I’ll see what I can do to get rid of most of them later on when adding the bonus content.

There is now a downloadable version! Let me know if there are any problems.

Also, I saw what people were talking about with the whole “ugh i wish there was an actual download” thing. I really thought it was possible to download the game from the page itself, but after looking again, I guess not. I’ll have an actual download link up soon!

Thanks! I’m glad you like it, and I was honestly surprised it actually had a little following on the audiogames forums. I didn’t know there were screen reader fans: at one point i thought “huh, this is just text, so maybe someone with some kind of thing that reads the game out loud could enjoy this” but honestly I didn’t really design the game with that in mind. How well does it work with those?

Plus, the long stretch of “no updates” is pretty much over: about a month ago, an update came out after a few months of no updates, and a new update is coming out and will be public in the next few days!

Also, hey, uh, how do screen readers handle emoji? more specifically, the 🐠 emoji? im not asking for any reason in particular, just curious…


funny fish game

Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy it. 👍


worm on a string baby! oh yeah!

gungeon - eon