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Amazing! I like the art style and the storyline, not a fan of the hidden trap games but I can see myself completing this just to prove I am up to any challenge. Clearly need more level, show me what u got ;)

Great game, I like the concept of teaching how to cook with a first-person view, particularly using Indonesian food that has a lot of ingredients and is even hard to create in a real-life kitchen, for me at least.

But as I believe you already know there is a lot of bug in this version, so maybe that is the main focus for the next update. I can't even finish one level :')

I do have a suggestion, first of all, that can be seen from the picture on this page the inconsistency language used, the UI using English but the instruction and dialogue using Bahasa Indonesia, for instance, "Rice" and "Nasi", it can create confusion and that is an important part of the game.

Good luck with the next update, I will be waiting.

Okay, thanks!

Will this work on 2020.3? I'm sorry I haven't tried it, but since you parted 2020.2 and 2020.1, I think I might ask first 

Thanks for the feedback, yes we do acknowledge the problem with the hitbox for the player and the pickaxe, hope we will get time to fix that and upload the next update for this game.

And also thanks for playing!

Terima kasih atas feedbacknya! iyaa memang karena keterbatasan waktu masih banyak bagian yang dapat dikembangkan lagi,
Ditunggu yaa next updatenya :)
And also thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

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Nice game with relaxing music and it also manage to make me think about what to buy next,

anyway, do u still need help on setting how to build WebGL unity so the screen size will do just fine on itch page? Or it is just some mistake and u already figure out the solution, Or you just intended it to be like that?

I like the concept, nice work!

For me, his walk is too slow (I guess it's not suitable for an impatience man like me), also maybe make the character fat in the beginning and slowly getting thinner after some distance walking),
It just needs more adjustment and it's good to go!

Finished all the levels (and secrets), nice game!
It has a good pace of difficulty, it makes me wonder what is the challenge in the next level so I keep playing,
One thing I want to make sure, in the tutorial level, the pink one is not disappearing when I step on it, is that on purpose for a tutorial?

Aw that is cute, we definitely can't throw out a cat, right? haha
Well, it just needs to have more gameplay I guess, other than that, it is a nice game!

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Ahhh yes now I can finally get out of that room XD thank you,
Nice concept and I like that music and SFX choice, good work!

I like the idea of choosing the right weapon, I still not finished the game cause it is too hard to make that long jump for me (Even though I already use that feature where you can still move after dead),
It has a nice art, and also some unique choice of music.

It has chill music and environment but still need to keep focus and made my finger tired enough,
Nice work!

When I get touched by electric eels, I always immediately die even though I still had 3 lives left, is that on purpose?

As a fan of mythology, I love the idea! 
A simple concept yet addicting,
A random map generator will be great tho

Yeah, we were planning on that but didn't have enough time for now,
Thanks for playing and for the music :)

Watched the video, thanks for playing!

Thank u for playing!

Omg, I played this previous version of the game when there is no music or art

And now this is a masterpiece! in just a few days, well done

Sure, Thanks for playing!

Okay, that is a good idea, for the health system, I will try that. For the jumping part, I understand but I can't do much on that part so I will just leave it there for now.

Thanks for the feedback!

I like how u change the spear from 3d to 2d, it's unique haha
The how to play button doesn't seem to be working,
The gameplay can be improved in many ways, keep going on!

Well okay good start, maybe adding some win or lose condition? Or a timer so there will be a high score?

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Nice concept and story!

Maybe tune down a little bit the difficulty, especially in the movement part, it is really hard to shoot in the direction I want,
But I do win after a lot of attempts

Hello again,
Yeah, I'm run out of time when I made this before,
currently, I'm working on some other project so it might take a while to go back to this game

Anyway, thanks for ur feedback!

Yeah it is for quacky game jam theme about fairness,

Thanks for playing anyway!

Thanks for playing!

Hint : Do whatever it takes to win

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I dont think about adding more levels since the mechanic will be the same (maybe a longer path would do fine), but Im agree with adding more items, and honestly I want to add more in the first place, but I dont have the resources (you will notice it by im using bow for the ui while it is actually a gun lol),

And that would be a good idea about different text msg for different ending, 

Thanks for the feedback!

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Haha cause life isn't fair, Thanks for playing!

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Thank u for playing! is there anything that I can add to the game?

I think it is just because of the engine he/she used

Nice game, I like the ammo concept!

Here is some of my experience when playing this game
1. when I first lookup on the first, I thought this is a "top-down game" because of the background
2. The UI stats (the one in the left corner) not updated after I upgrade it when clearing the level
3. The stats that are on the upgrade panel (the panel that shows up between level) is all the same as before when nothing at all changed until you click upgrade on it
4. Maybe prevent the player to skip level when the health is 1

That's all, hope this will help you in any way possible

Yes it is, and also there is still no death condition right?
Need a lot of adjustment, but keep going!

It is so hard and I'm so bad at it :'
I like the challenge though, nice game

But there is a bug where ur character stuck in some places

Is everything fine?

At first, I want to say the character needs to be more square-like shape so it cant stand with its face or tail, but you turn that out to be one of the mechanics of the game
Great work!

The sound and visual is scary, nice work!
Maybe add more challenge like there is a time limit for each question

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Thanks for playing!

Actually it is supposed to be just like that, and that is secret objective :)

Hello MrSebo,
Thanks for ur support and for hosting this jam!
I need something like this to help me get an idea for a new game

Love the ending haha,
Spook story and art but the sound, character, and the living animal is cute, a unique combination