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Hello, I really love this game, but there's isn't any new about new updates, are you still working on this game?

A really good game, the art and the story was just stunning, I really loved Lu, my god, Lu's road made me cry so much, his story was by far my favorite, and the bonus story really xD ! No complaints, it was a very good game

Just finished the demo and I really loved ! the design is really so beautiful, and I really loved the "opening"the music and pictures are really amazing especially the one where we see the heroine with the bottom of the planets (the background of here too) it looks like it's done in pastel it's beautiful and I loved the characters too ! Especially Kurato I tried all the roads and he is for sure my favorite ! I look forward for the full game to be released

Wow I really loved the demo ! I think Wynrou is my favorite.. Okay no my favorite is Henri but is not an obtainable character :( Btw great work looking forward to the game.