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Hi Mauro, I've seen the game from Videogiocanda and the reply by the Lega member.
I myself have a hard time understanding political violent activism of any sorts.
I know many cases in which in my city, Turin, police was not allowed around communist "centri sociali" to patrol the zone and repel illegal drug sellers. Which are still illegal, even if many do them. 

I believe that the game itself had some rather controversial points I strongly disagree with.
First and foremost, the depiction of the police, which in quality of hand of the State and Law, has to obey orders, and is by definition neutral and above all factions, therefore should not in my opinion be depicted in a pig-like way, nor insulted in any way. Many of them have moderated point of views, many tend to right, many tend to left. When they wear a uniform they are however the mean through which law is imposed, and by fighting them, you fight the law and state, not the people.
Second, I hope you realize that organizing unauthorized meetups is indeed a crime, and that there was the chance to peacefully and rightfully protest in another zone of the city in order to avoid conflict, and that that wouldn't have implied any allegation.

By fighting police members that are there to tell you you can't stay there because you did not get an authorization, you fight the law about unauthorized protests, rather than the fascist meetup. 

Kudos to you for adding to the game the chance to protest the day before and the one to go to the other authorized spot, I played the game many times and those are the paths that satisfied me most when I went for them.
Game design wise, that was the choice that made me appreciate this even though I do not agree with its view. Mind I do not support fascism in any way, but I believe that all avoidable acts of violence and disobedience to rightful laws perpetrated in the name of any flag are to be considered on the same level. 
This means that both an insult to police and an insult to Jews or LGBTQ+/any fascist sign should be sanctioned, or we'd have anarchy in one sense,  dictatorship in the other.

This is my point of view however, but I do have a discourage about how rightful ideas are perpetrated in wrong and violent ways during this kind of battles. This game is in our monthly list of free indie games!  This game has been featured in our monthly list :)

So so much fun! We featured it in our website, thank you for creating such unique games, as always