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Great idea & sent you some $$$ to support development. MUDs were what we played in the 80s before the technology was invented to send larger graphics files MMOs use over the net... so fluid, so easy to code since, well, only ascii back then, right? Fond memories of huge combats/rng events from those days, all in text. Keep up the good work and will definitely be following future updates ;p

wow, another amazing rogue like... got good taste! Use similar strategy tho if you want to win at this, I have several times now. Still can't believe he made in <7d!

Gem of a game sir. Beat multiple times and has become another side quick play for me at work. Cheers & Great job! 😉 

As a rogue-like you'd be diminishing the game for all if you removed this option. 1st clear easy side paths & monster pits before taking on possible boss doors.

Nonsense mate. Have kept this as a "side link" at work in the browser and won 3x in a row yday. Like in all rogue-types, learn the mechanics and the RNG in any game becomes meaningless.

Great start to classic ascii old-school rogue! Just love the party AI scripting mate, have my vote