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Played this last in a 3 scary games video, it's been a while since i've played a good analog horror so this was a nice change of pace, great little experience and really can freak the nerves

I played this game in this video for a bit, gotta say, didn't see much of it but I can't STAND mannequins so this game gets the five star stamp of creepiness from me :)

I played this game first in a 3 scary games video, Gotta say...royally creeped me out well done!

made a lil thing....the ambient sounds creepy as FUCK XD

I played this game in this video (around the 7 minute mark), the way this game perfectly replicates the brewing feeling of anxiety in the backrooms is absolutely amazing

I made a video on your game, and let me say, you captured every feeling i could have dealing with liminal spaces 

Made A Lil Video On this game because I thought it would be interesting, and I was right. While yes some would say it's a cash grab based on other recent games of this style, and that..,is non of my business but you can definitely understand where that hate comes from. Me personally I enjoyed it, I can easily see the potential could go, and will silently wait patiently to see where part 2 takes ya 

Made a lil video on this game, ya can check it out if you want

I will say this game is a great search and reward experience. if you can't find what you're looking for it's 100% on you. And the initial encounter with said Pale Man is truly a moment of terror, especially since he'll most likely see you before you see him. Great Game!

This is a great game! allllthough there are a few things of note for future reference, I state most of these in this video but i'll repeat here in footnotes, no sense of direction, fetch quests, and hard to see. aside from this An all around great experience

Pretty Nice!, it's clear there's room for improvement in future but I can see you're learning what to do with game development. game had me proper scared for a bit, great job!

This game is somethin else, hit almost every mark for me in terms of horror.

This was the last game I played in this video. It gave me a good laugh when I desperately needed one XD 

This concept alone is terrifying, mix that in with the stress of solving a puzzle and we have the masterpiece that is this game. Your game is six minutes into this video :)

4:00 in Despite not being fully played out this game was definitely a highlight of this video. the basic premise was enough to creep me out of continuing, and that only means it's open to come back to in the future  :)

Your game was first in this video, I must say despite being so short, the atmosphere was definitely well felt. Had me properly immersed the whole time :)

So I played the older version clearly but that's fine because at the end of the day this garnered my interest very well

Game starts at 3:40. Genuinely wasn't it expecting to go the way it did. A disguise for the prize as I'd like to say. The ambiance really added to the experience and the ending Genuinely scared the life out of me. Best of love

from 0:23 to 3:09. I know it didn't seem like it but this quick little experience really lit up an annoyance of a night. I thoroughly enjoyed it XD

At this point I'm convinced. there will just forever be something about your game's simplistic-ish style that will easily get to me. How the use of Ambience and environment really heighten the effects of a not so intimidating scare. I'm once again very impressed! 


this is the closest we've gotten to an official chucky game in years! I had a few issues but i'm just stupid XD.  8/10 game for sure in my book

welp this game either disturbed me or made me laugh inside. IDK anymore honestly, which means it did it's job XD. 7/10 and to anyone else reading this you can check out this video if you want this is mainly just here to add to the review

This.....made me think too much after I was done playing.....good job! 

I may have played this game to it's bare minimum but I truly enjoyed this fun little experience and I wish I'd found it sooner. definitely gave me a good time,

A very simplistic, interesting, and at times frustrating game. so a few months ago me and my friend decided to make videos on it and had a lot of laughs playing it. 8/10 game for me.....and I gave the skeleton in the cave a one off joke name XD 

This game gave me on of if not my most legit scare ever caught on video. the scenario of this game is such a realistic event that it's scary. I really enjoyed and look forward to seeing future works 

me neither thought it was intentional until the not responding screen popped up XD but either way thanks for giving me a good scare

This game gave me a good bit of uneasiness good game and good luck on future work

Welp this game definitely gave me the discomfort I was expecting XD great game good luck on future projects

any time I love supporting smaller developers wether I make a video or no

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Great game. really got the ambient feeling of horror games down packed. and much to my surprise there was really nothing there. (to those reading this you can check out the video if you'd like. maybe subscribe if you feel like I'm not forcing you I'm just here showing my support to the game)

I ran into a bug here and there, but i'm willing to say it was because of my computer because for how short it is it's a great game with a great concept

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This game had me dumbfounded and looking stupid i might even play it again on pc for a better run through but for now thanks for making me think about what i'm doing