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Great start! I love the artwork. The guys/love interests look amazing. I definitely look forward to playing it!

Also, is there a timeline to add NSFW content to the game? I found the game by searching the NSFW tag but didn't see any in the demo.

Love the art style, the guys (especially Tylos!), and the concept. Though wish you could pick your position. Kinda killed it for me though when the PC was locked into being the top :/.Great work though and will check out the future updates/episodes. 

Hi! The Sabre route is not working for me. I tried both the R-18 pc version and the PG-13 w/ R-18 patch. I found a route guide online and it appears I'm not getting one of the choice scenes I'm missing is required, it's just skipping it completely. Was this route discontinued or changed?