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Interesting little game with interesting mechanics. However, spamming in this game can get you pretty far. I found it way easier to just spam space and pray than actually trying to go slow and make strategic plays. Also some bugs occur like the player falling out of the level if you go too fast, which can be easily fixed with better collision detection or capping the speed the player can reach. There is no end screen to this game which is kind of disappointing like you could have added a timer and an end screen showing you your time and have high scores or something. Don't let my notes make you think this isn't good. I like it but it needs some tweaks :)

Very smart interpretation of both theme and limitation. I finished the game and I got to say that it is really interesting what you did in three days. I didn't notice any major bugs even though sometimes you can sneeze your way through enemies, not sure if thats intended. Great job! I like the game a lot. 

Surprisingly a nice game. When I first started playing I was like what the hell is this but then I quickly loved the idea behind it. Great job my dude! Great Idea!

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Good game. I like the art style and gameplay. However the wall jumping mechanic feels a bit weird. Sometimes it doesn't register commands when I press space, making it frustrating sometimes. Also sometimes the red girl spawns in a very uncomfortable position that is either very hard to pass through or impossible, so you have to wait for her to spawn and kill you to progress making it feel a little unfair sometimes. 

This is incredibly unique and interesting. Great job! I got one complaint though. Changing your drawing tools with the scroll wheel was not a good idea because the screen scrolls every time you switch playing it online. Maybe add an alternative key or change it. Great game though!! :)

This is an amazing little game! I have two notes though.

1. The level selection screen is very confusing. There are no visual ques to tell the player what he is selecting which frustrated me a bit because I wanted to play 1 level in particular and couldnt find it.

2. The Z button needs some visual ques as well. Like half of the time I would press it and it wouldnt work because I was pressing arrow key before Z. You could add like an arrow to tell the player once they release the Z key an action will be made. 

Overall love the art and gameplay! Keep it up.