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Elia Coan

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A challenge you won! Again, good job!

Extremely easy to understand, exquisitely polished presentation. Simply well done!

Nice and good fun!

What a mood! Love it!

Love it!

Great game as usual!

Pretty fun game! It has the "one more run" thing, the graphics are nice and it'a a pretty good overall experience! :-)

Well refined gameplay!
It could use more variety in terms of things to overcome to reach the exit but it's really nice! Congrats!

Looks very polished! Keep it up!

Nice nice experience! Good job!

Thanks a lot ☺️

Truly lovalble as usual! Congrats!

Decisamente da bilanciare! Grazie per il commento!

Being luck based it has bad moments but it's pretty fun!

Love the sfx and music.

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Fun to play around, not very interesting after the first death!

Best name award!

And the winner is...!

Quite relaxing. Why not a tiled movement system?

Me too!

Weirdly fun and short gem. Loved the art style, also.

It's really cute and I love the meow effect! Quite simple but worth a play anytime.

It plays smoothly, so good work! What about reducing the collisions with the vegetables? It happens, from time to time, that you collide even if right above/below them.

Looks really nice, but what about the theme?

Neat little game, loved the morphing mouth of the player circle.

Thanks a lot! Yeah music was intended to be there, but I couldn't get it to work properly so I dropped the idea.

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Was really fun to play but also very slow in every step the character take.

Clever paths design but not so immediate combat. In conclusion: a good one!

I love the art style and the path left on the sand (i think). The twist of the free movement allows for different choices when it comes to level design! Well done!

This game is a well done reinterpretation of a classic. I love the graphics!

Fun and quite stressing experience, 10/10 would play again!

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Yeah Sadness is pretty hard. Just wait for the third one 😂

Thanks for playing!

Well thank you 🙂

Thanks for playing! 🙂

The postjam version is on his way, with SFX and BGM thanks to a talented friend!

Simple and very effective!

There isn't much to do, but the graphics is neat!

Good graphics, the gameplay is ok but it's hit and miss with the sword, since the collisions are weird. Anyway good job!

Totally amused by the crazy dialogs and the gameplay is fine. Also the music is adding. Well done!

The beginning of something fun, I hope.

Like the zombie animation!

The real fun part is in the voice change but apart from that... Pretty contentless. Hope there was more! Will you enhance it?

Agreeing with the ones saying a bit of narrative should help, the game is simple but cool. will you enhance it?

Very fun to play and cool implementation of a shootemup! The only detail that in my opinion is not that good: the music, it's a bit off theme.