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AI Version of the diferent pizzy parlor chapter's on the game page: 

Chapter 1: The Sinister Whisper

As the day wound down, I sat at my desk, anticipating the familiar routine of fetching my son, Timmy, from Sussy's school and swinging by the store for some milk. The office buzzed around me, but my mind was already at the school gates, eager to see Timmy's smiling face.

Finally, I gathered my things, bid farewell to my colleagues, and made my way to the exit. Just as my hand touched the doorknob, a shiver ran down my spine. There was a strange, almost imperceptible sound behind me, like a muffled whisper. I turned, heart pounding, but there was nothing there. Just the empty hallway and the fading hum of office activity.

Chapter 2: The Disappearing Act

Pizzy's Parlor was alive with the joyful chaos of children, and I couldn't help but smile as I spotted Timmy, his eyes gleaming with excitement. We waved goodbye to Sussy and her warm, reassuring smile. After dropping Timmy off at home, I headed to the store.

The shelves were familiar, the aisles well-trodden, but as I reached for a carton of milk, the world shifted. The lights flickered, then plunged into darkness. My heart raced, my breath hitching in my throat. When the lights returned, the store was empty, eerily silent, as if it had been abandoned for years. Panic set in. I was alone, or so I thought.

Chapter 3: The Enigmatic Figure

After what felt like an eternity, I cautiously ventured to the candy store. Timmy had been such a good boy lately, he deserved a treat. The bell above the door tinkled softly as I entered, casting a pool of light on the gleaming jars of sweets.

In the shadows, a small figure stood, its form blurred and indistinct. My heart skipped a beat. Slowly, I approached, apprehension coursing through me. As I drew nearer, I realized it wasn't what I'd expected. It was a mannequin, a forgotten relic of the store's past, draped in a faded, tattered cloak.

Chapter 4: Secrets of the Bakery

I fled the candy store, my nerves on edge, only to find myself drawn to a quaint, local bakery. The smell of freshly baked bread enveloped me, momentarily easing my anxiety. I selected a loaf and approached the counter, where an elderly woman with kind eyes stood.

As she handed me my purchase, our gazes met, and for a fleeting moment, I saw a flicker of something...else. Something darker. I quickly averted my eyes, nerves jangling. There was more to this place than met the eye, I could feel it in the air, thick and foreboding.

Chapter 5: The Haunting Meat Shop

The final stop on my journey was the meat shop. I hesitated at the threshold, dread gnawing at my insides. The air was heavy with the scent of raw flesh, the dim light casting long, eerie shadows.

Every step I took seemed to echo, resonating with a sense of foreboding. The shelves were stocked, but something about the place felt off, like a sinister secret hiding just out of sight. I hurried through my purchase, eager to escape the oppressive atmosphere that seemed to cling to the very walls.

As I finally left the shop, I couldn't shake the feeling that I was being watched, that unseen eyes followed my every move. The encounters of this day, the strange whispers and eerie figures, left an indelible mark on my soul. I couldn't help but wonder what mysteries lay hidden within the seemingly ordinary places of my town.

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i know i dont have to know again

i watched a vid and its not people on youtube say it is but one guy says that they are trolling us

why is it malaware

its a virus is what i heard from youtube



why is the game 20$

that dosent look safe

you can thank me for finding it

i want it for free :(

fnaf 4 related