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how did you even get softlock here? I mean it's floor 2

the grandmaster just got like soooooooooo much stronger. It's good for some and bad for others.

it just mean add a upgrade to shield and already existing shields wounldn't be upgraded

i just spamed all the buttons

it keeps freezing but good game

i can't see the web version correctly

no it was just a unit with no items

does this game end

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is it just me or did you face off aganist a scorpion and not have it kill your unit?

good game. really hard tho (that makes it even better)

geat twists and just a good over all

i am really going to look forwards to this game.

is there a ending? and also great game

what would the pandas do?

nice game

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but that is a bat in pack 2 soooooooooo. there pro not going to add that

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i got 4900+. it was a really cool and great game.

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i can't do anything the timer is always full

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i got 15 :) and great game for a hour

it said left click to attack on the bottom and it really easy to figure out

thank you soo much

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now that i play it more i am starting to like it more it more. it is simple yet really fun


me too

really fun

nice game

nice game

it would be nice to have a somethin to tell you how to shoot

really really good game and a great storyline

this is a really nice game. it is the one of the best auto battlers i have seen

can you make this able to be played on computer please