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is there gonna be any transformation potions?

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first side quest involving bejeweled crab does not work no matter how many times i talk to woman in purple in davu village

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is tatsuo  bisexual?

are we gonna see eyvind/avatar naked when we remove his equipment again and see his erection or is that final

nice by the way is it possible to have two characters unequip armor making them naked?

is there gonna be a full game of this?

aw eh oh well

is there gonna be a walkthrough for this game?

Can the MC take a shower when he wakes up

is there option for the main character to stay naked?

Is samson gonna have a gay sex scene?

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Ok by the way does samson 

Work out in the nude?

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okay by the way is there gonna be a gallery?

Is there an option to have Ramos stay nude?

Is Tommy a nudist?

Oh ok

Minotaur Hotel community · Created a new topic Pantsless

is it possible in the new build to have asterion pantsless

what about going commando to?

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Is there a option to have Samson pantsless?

Is there gonna be a gallery?

Why can't we sell the adventure armor set?

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so there is no other armor than ur 

useless /pointless loincloth that not consider clothes

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Are there outfits/armors and revealing outfits in this game?

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Are we gonna eventually run into sunny from the prologue or he doesn't appear ever again after the prologue?

Is there gonna be a future town where nudity is okay in a future build?