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I like the fast pace nature! Reminds me of lemmings a little XD

Ah yes! That is just night time. We were aiming to make it quite dark, so to get some contrast going when glowsticks, the torch, and the flares, are used, though can see there that the flashlight seems not that effective. Will look to make it a bit brighter, and maybe increase its radius. 

Thanks again, keep things coming, we appreciate the feedback!


Hey Kanetsu,

It's one of the major things we're trying to clean up at the moment - just not clear enough what you need to do at the start (the tutorial).

Essentially you are meant to go through doing all of Claire's requests until she tells you to go and check the other end of the plane. If you have difficulty, 'killing' her will end the tutorial too.

Are you able to describe what happened with the black screen issue? We haven't been able to replicate it, but definitely want to address it.


Hey Kanetsu!

Hmm, no that black screen doesn't seem normal! With the locked off section, did you finish the tutorial with Claire? There is a bit of a zone which locks off the main part of the map, to ensure the tutorial finishes (if Claire dies it ends too!). That's good feedback if that is the issue, as means it's not clear enough that this section is locked off, so will take a look at that. Will also try to reproduce the black screen issue.

Thanks for the feedback, we really appreciate it!!


Hi Vanilla,

We have updated the most recent dev blog with fixes and changes! Thanks for the feedback. We keep record of this, but didn't realise others might like to know changes! Will do the same in future!

- elementalstudios

Hey Vanilla!

Thanks heaps for the feedback. It is much appreciated and helps a lot.

Glad you enjoyed it. Will continue to develop, looking to release another build very soon, to fix a bunch of those issues :D

- ElementalStudios